Coordinating Reunions

Responsibilities of Reunion Coordinators

Successful reunions require detailed planning. One person is sufficient to get the process started, but assembling a planning committee is essential. Here are some ideas for getting reunion plans underway:

  1. Begin discussing the possibility of a reunion with friends and classmates. Does your class or group have an anniversary coming up? Contact the Alumni Relations office and let us know you are interested in planning a reunion. We can reserve a campus location free of charge if you allow sufficient time to make arrangements. If others contact us expressing interest in a reunion, we will help you connect to coordinate your plans.
  2. Request a list with contact information of your classmates and friends from the Alumni Relations office. This list may help you recruit others interested in to planning a reunion.
  3. Assemble a planning committee and plan to meet at least two times to plan your reunion. It is not necessary for reunion coordinators to live near campus or in the same geographic region. Coordination can take place online or via phone. Decide what kind of reunion you would like to have . You may want to plan your reunion in conjunction with a campus event, or you may prefer to come during the summer months when the campus is quieter. Be sure to consult the Alumni Relations Department to discuss all of the possibilities.
  4. Prepare an invitation and submit it to the Alumni Relations Department to be mailed. Multnomah will happily print, address, and cover the postage for your mailing. Please contact our offices for details, parameters and limitations.
  5. Consider creating a website for registrations and reunion updates. This can be an easy and efficient means of coordinating some of the details of a reunion.
  6. Come prepared to work hard (and to enjoy reconnecting with dear friends) when reunion time arrives. The responsibility of planning, organizing, and running the reunion is that of the alumni, but the Alumni Relations office is here to assist you along the way.

Interested? Contact us at 503.251.6458 or, and we will be happy to give you further details and helpful guidelines.