What we desire from our alumni

  1. Stay in Touch
    Contact us whenever your address, phone number or email changes, or update the info yourself.
  2. Get Involved
    Connect with former classmates and the greater alumni community by helping coordinate MU reunions and chapter events.If you are interested in joining the Alumni Leadership Council download the application form.
  3. Share Your Story
    Tell others how Multnomah impacted you. The main reason students attend MU is because of a graduate's influence.
  4. Evaluate and Encourage
    Provide your unique input regarding our academic programs and activities. We'll periodically ask for your thoughts on these issues because we value your feedback. 
  5. Give Back
    Contribute to Multnomah by volunteering your time, talents or resources so others can benefit from the same gifts that helped you. Contact us if you're interested in how you can nourish our community. You can also bless us by praying for the Multnomah family — administration, faculty, staff and students — and by continuing to fall in love with our Savior.