Visit Campus

Consider yourself warmly invited. Talking with staff and students, looking in on a class, attending chapel: these experiences will help you develop a vibrant vision for your future.
You'll also discover that our campus is a hidden treasure worth exploring. See our award-winning grounds. Check out the library, study spaces and coffee shop. Our friendly atmosphere will set you at ease as you prepare to write the next chapter in your life.

What can you do during a campus visit?

  • Sit in on classes
  • Attend chapel with the student body
  • Check out campus housing
  • Tour the grounds
  • Talk with an admissions counselor and financial aid counselor
  • Join professors and students in the cafeteria for lunch
  • Participate in campus activities

Undergraduate Events

Graduate & Seminary Events

Degree Completion Events

Can't Make These Dates?

Schedule a personalized visit and experience the aspects of MU that are most interesting to you. The Admissions Department is open year-round between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The best times to visit are when classes are in session; however, we're open for visits during the summer and winter breaks too. Call or email a few days in advance of your visit so we can make arrangements.

Unable to Visit?

Browse our blog to find out more about MU students and special events. 

Text your questions to 503-251-6485.