Youth Ministry

If you're a ministry leader who loves serving young people, this program is for you. Our Youth Ministry track is ideal for experienced leaders who feel a draw toward discipleship, spiritual formation, counseling or teaching in connection with the church's youth.

While Dr. Hildebrand discusses the structure of the MAAT program, the YM track has identical core courses for the Doctor of Ministry degree.  The programs complement one another and take into account the student's academic credentials and ministry experience.

Program overview

The Youth Ministry track is solely concerned with addressing various ministry issues dealing with youth. Students will focus on the critical aspects that shape and impact youth ministry initiatives, and track leader Dr. Rob Hildebrand will augment instruction with nationally respected ministry colleagues who teach in the areas of their expertise. Building upon a biblically-informed foundation, these experienced practitioners will draw from various disciplines to provide key insights and wisdom for their cohorts. 

Class structure

With a specific curriculum, students participate in a cohort of fellow ministry practitioners. Each cohort is a "rolling" cohort, meaning that a cohort can start in a different year and join a preexisting cohort. All cohorts have a minimum size of eight students. Over three years and six intensives (student take two intensives per year), the track will examine youth-related ministry and life issues. 

The Intensive Courses will include such areas as:

  • Counseling Youth
  • Adolescent Sociology and Ministry
  • Youth Ministry Models
  • Understanding Youth Culture
  • Advanced Youth Ministry Programming
  • Ministry Longevity
  • Youth and the Church

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