Multnomah University

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The faculty at Multnomah University is an incredible cadre of men and women who love the Savior, love the Word and love students! They are gifted, qualified teachers who have committed themselves to pouring their lives into the lives of our students in order to advance the cause of Christ’s kingdom.

They hail from locations around the globe and have gathered at Multnomah

  • to challenge students intellectually,
  • to model Christ-likeness authentically, both in and outside the classroom, and
  • to mentor students spiritually.

They seek to show them how to take the unchanging truth of God’s Word and apply it to the changing contours of our culture.

Multnomah faculty are credentialed in their academic disciplines yet retain a transparency and integrity to equip students to touch their generation for Christ not only through the words they say but through the lives they live.

Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood

President Emeritus, Multnomah University