Multnomah University

Student Stories


  • Helping People Heal

    Alex Anderson, a firefighter with a passion for business, is working toward becoming an oncologist. 

  • Blazing Her Own Trail

    Kylie Cole, an elementary education major, opened her own business just a year after graduating. 

  • Building Relationships

    Davey Walker had switched his major six times. Nothing felt right. Then he came to MU.

  • Better and Stronger

    Erik Mendoza won the Pete Maravich Memorial Award and built the foundation for his marketing career at Adidas. 

  • Impacted by Love

    Heidi Burch traveled to Rwanda with a group of MU students to volunteers at nonprofits. 

  • No Boundaries

    Koby Krikac has big dreams, and MU is proving to be the perfect launching pad.

  • Preparing the Mind and Spirit

    Multnomah's a significant a step in Quincy Robinson's journey, and it's equipping him to pursue his academic passions.

  • Defining Faith

    When Rachel Piñon was looking at colleges, she was struck by the people she met at MU. Now she's enjoying a rich life on campus.

  • No Regrets 

    MU gave Russ Hersman the skills he needed to build a long-standing career at Wycliffe Bible Translators. 

  • Created to Sing

    Wendy Contreras wanted to pursue music in college, but she wasn’t convinced that she was capable. Everything changed when she took her first voice lesson.

  • Keep Going

    Sindy Larson was the first woman from MU to qualify for the NCCAA Cross Country National Championships.

  • Making Life Matter

    Paul Pastor is an associate editor for Christianity Today and editor of PARSE, one of the world's top 10 ministry blogs.

  • Finding Freedom in Christ

    Multnomah used to be the last place Anne Partridge wanted to attend. A visit to campus changed her mind entirely.


  • A Heart for Hawaiians

    Kunāne Hillen, found a way to unite his passion for ministry and his heart for the Hawaiian people.

  • Cultivating Knowledge

    Tawny Johnson is a literary agent whose experience at MU's undergraduate school and semniary equipped her for working with authors.

  • Engaging Culture

    MU prepared Emil Khooda to speak meaningfully into peoples' lives as a hospital chaplain.

  • Finding a Balance

    Geneva Arnold found rigorous academics and meaningful friendships at MU's Reno-Tahoe campus. 

  • Striving to Serve

    Ruben Alvarado was reluctant to go to seminary, but he found a community that surpassed his expectations.

  • Vibrant Life, Open Doors

    With a bachelor’s degree and limited ministry experience, Ben Tertin knew he needed more training.


  • Offering Hope

    Laura Boland moved from London to join MU's MAC program.

  • Living Joyfully in the Present

    Frank Ocampo's goal is to open a community center for at-risk youth; MU's MAC program is preparing him with rigorous classes and hands-on experience to fulfill his dreams.   

  • Making an Impact

    After earning her MAT, Amanda Schick found her dream job teaching at a local high school. 

  • Representing the Master Teacher

    The MATESOL program equipped Bernie Bernardo for teaching English to non-native speakers at a local college and prep school.

  • Feeling at Home

    Max Olwa traveled all the way from Kenya for the MAGDJ program, but he feels like he's always belonged at MU. 

  • Putting God's Word into Practice

    MU’s MAC program laid the groundwork for Diane Moore's successful private practice.

Degree Completion

  • Fulfilling a Purpose

    Gayle Fidanzo's degree prepared her for an executive role at a local adoption agency. Now she's mentoring employees, counseling parents and matching children with loving families.

  • Reaching a Worthy Goal

    After years as a successful entrepreneur, Mitch Priestley decided to turn his attention back to school. MU's DCP helped him chart a new course as a Christian leader.

  • Understanding Life's Fullness

    Michael Watson just wanted to finish his degree before he was 30. But now he's learning more than he ever imagined. 

  • Fixing Cars, Changing Lives

    Brian Wiggs is combining his skills as an automotive technician with a DCP degree that will equip him to mentor young homeless men in Honduras.