Bible and Theology Degree

If you want to thoroughly investigate truth, Scripture and God's character, this major is for you. Pursue one of three advanced concentrations — Biblical Studies, Theological Studies or Biblical Languages — while you earn the best Bible and Theology degree in the country.

What can you do with a degree in Bible and theology?

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Job outlook

Bible and Theology graduates have been immersed in an extensive study covering every book and section of the Bible. They have also been connected to the best in linguistic, historical and literary studies while being trained to apply biblical and theological principles to life in today’s world. These skills produce graduates who are well-equipped for careers in churches, nonprofits and all types of businesses. 

Points of distinction

  • This program is extremely thorough; you will be studying the entire Bible instead of taking a broad survey approach.
  • Multnomah has a reputation as one of the nation's premiere trainers in Bible and theology.
  • The program is focused on personal growth; one of the goals of each Bible and theology course is to challenge students in their own spiritual formation.
  • Unlike most majors, a Bible and Theology major is a solid foundation for any career.

Degree requirements

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Online option

Our Bible and Theology program is fully available online. That means you can earn your degree anywhere, anytime. Learn more about MU Online.

Costs and financial aid

Tuition for 2016-17 is $23,120/per year.

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Meet your professors

  • Dr. Mark Belokonny Dr. Mark Belokonny Summit Director , Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
  • Dr. Daniel L Christiansen Dr. Daniel L Christiansen Bible and Theology
  • Dr. Mike Gurney Dr. Mike Gurney Theology and Philosophy
  • Dr. Brad Harper Dr. Brad Harper Bible and Theology, MATS Program Director
  • Dr. Tom Hauff Dr. Tom Hauff Bible and Theology
  • Dr. Rex A. Koivisto Dr. Rex A. Koivisto Assistant Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies, Bible & Theology Division Chair, Professor Biblical Languages
  • Dr. Karl Kutz Dr. Karl Kutz Biblical Languages Chair, Professor Biblical Languages and Bible
  • Dr. Ray Lubeck Dr. Ray Lubeck Bible and Theology
  • Dr. Joseph Zichterman Dr. Joseph Zichterman Bible and Theology

summer 2016 bible theology Courses:


BIB301 (01) OT Literature: Prophets Mrs. Carmen Imes
BIB301 (01) OT Literature: Prophets Mrs. Carmen Imes
TH 307 (01) Theology I Dr. Paul Metzger
TH 307 (01) Theology I Dr. Paul Metzger