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Learn more about Biology at Multnomah

Program overview

It takes 124 semester credit units to complete the biology program, which ensures that you can earn your degree in four years as a full-time student.

The program will help you build a broad foundation in biological science that complements the integration of faith and learning in the arts and sciences tradition. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore non-science disciplines and interdisciplinary courses to broaden your scope of education.

The program contains:

  • Lower-division core courses
  • Upper-division required and elective courses
  • Service learning component in the form of internship
  • Independent research or senior thesis, which will be useful vehicles to carry out community service activities and formative and summative outcomes assessment for program improvement and quality assurance


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Alex Anderson

“Multnomah teaches us to be leaders. It’s so incredible to go out and use the knowledge we’ve been given in the classroom.”