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Points of distinction

Educational Ministries combines the best of educational methodology with the social science disciplines of psychology, sociology and leadership theory to elicit change agents for the church and culture. As an ed. min. major, you will be a solid assessor of the times in which you live so that you can know what to do as an influencer of truth, excellence, hope and opportunity — wherever God calls.

  • Get equipped to provide skillful leadership for the educational challenges of contemporary society.
  • Gain experience in cutting edge applied theology.
  • Learn with distinguished professors in their field of expertise.
  • Boost your personal growth in communication skills.
  • Thoroughly comprehend how to understand, develop and lead people.
  • Become immersed in transformational learning.
  • Be prepared to teach locally and abroad.

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Travis-Lovitt Hall
Cameron Potter

“MU did an excellent job of breaking down educational philosophy. I’m really well-equipped to build programs from the ground up.”