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Learn more about our youth ministry concentration

Special learning opportunities

The Youth and Educational Ministries Department offers yearly mission trips to Europe or Asia, where we partner with alumni working with young people around the world.  These trips are meaningful and cost-effective and a wonderful aspect of the program.

Potential careers

Vocational youth leaders are consistently in demand in Portland. Almost all of our YEM students serve in a local ministry, and a majority of them find employment before graduation. Working with youth while earning your degree is the best way to practice what you’re learning immediately. This is evident in the course content and class discussions. Real-life examples often shape the outcomes of each particular class.

  • Student Ministries Pastor / Youth Pastor
  • Camp Director and Recreational leadership
  • Group or adolescent counseling
  • Children’s Pastor
  • Other Pastoral roles (Senior, Lead, Executive Pastor)
  • School Teacher
  • Public and Private educational roles
  • Student Services
  • Church Planting
  • Service Agencies
  • Mental health facility worker
  • Justice / Homeless Missions worker
  • College Faculty
  • Pregnancy Resource Center
  • College Ministry worker
  • Group counselor, at risk youth
  • Business/marketplace positions
  • Criminal Justice
  • Foster care

Dig deeper

Mason Lepisto

“I love the worldviews I get in each class. The professors are great, and there hasn’t been one class I haven’t grown from. This program shapes my life.”