Multnomah University

Biblical Foundations

What you'll do

Get ready to saturate yourself in theology and Scripture as you learn to integrate God’s truth with contemporary life and thought.

Who you are

Our typical student works in a church or parachurch organization and wants a thorough biblical education that will either benefit their current job or prepare them for a new ministry position.

Where you'll go

A Biblical Foundations degree is a solid investment. The majority of our graduates go on to seminary and become youth ministers, pastors, chaplains and leaders in the Church.

Program Format

  • 48 semester hours in as little as 23 months
  • 4 semesters consisting of 4 courses per semester
  • 5 week courses meeting only one night a week (Mon. or Thurs. from 6:00-10:00 p.m.)
  • Cohort model consisting of 10-20 students
  • Student and discussion centered learning model 

The courses in the Bible Core are:

  • O.T. Pentateuch
  • O.T. Historical Books
  • O.T. Prophetic Books
  • O.T. Poetic and Wisdom Literature
  • N.T. Gospels
  • N.T. Acts & Pauline Letters
  • N.T. Hebrews-Revelation
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • History of Christianity     

The courses in the Theology Core are:

  • Introduction to Philosophy and Christian Thought
  • Christian Ethics
  • Doctrine of Bibliology & Theology Proper
  • Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and Angels
  • Doctrine of Christ, Salvation, Humanity and Sin
  • Doctrine of the Church & Future Things
  • Capstone Seminar on Doctrine

Biblical Foundations - Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Foundations, students must:

  • Complete 124 semester hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better.
  • Complete the 48 semester hours in the Degree Completion Program with a grade point average of 2.0 or better.
  • Complete the 41 semester hours of Electives required by the College.
  • Complete the 50 semester hours in the General Education Core of the College including:
    • Communication (8 hours):
      English Composition (6) and Public Speaking (2)
    • Humanities (14 hours):
      Fine Arts (2), *Philosophy (3), and *Ethics (3)
      Literature (3), Other Humanities (3)
    • Social Science (18  hours):
      *History of Christianity (3 hours)
      Natural (lab) Science and Math (9 hours)
      Non-history social science (3 hours), and Other Social Science (3 hours)
    • General Education Elective (4 hours)
    • Choose from Humanities or Social Science
    • Religious Studies (6 hours):
      *Pentateuch (3) and *Gospels (3)
    • *Courses in the Degree Completion Program may meet part of this requirement.
  • Complete the required number of student ministry credits for the program
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to Multnomah University.
  • Satisfy the Christian Service requirements as described in the Student Handbook.

The semester hours required for graduation with a Bachelor of Arts are:

General Education Requirements 35 hours
Adult Degree Completion Program 48 hours
Gen. Educ. Req. in DCP 15 hours
Major core in DCP 33 hours
Electives 41 hours
Total Hours to Graduate 124 hours