Multnomah University


What is the difference between the traditional classes and the Degree Completion program?
The traditional program at Multnomah consists of classes that are on the semester schedule – lasting about 15-16 weeks and meeting 2-3 times per week during the daytime.

The Degree Completion program is designed for adults 25 years of age and older who have significant professional experience. Classes are in an accelerated education model.

What are classes like?
Each class lasts 5 weeks, meeting only one night per week (either Monday or Thursday, from 6-10 p.m.). Only one class is taken at a time. All classes are taken with the same cohort (the same group of students) that you start the program with, thus developing close relationships and networks. Classes remain small at 10-20 students. The vast majority of all Degree Completion classes are taught by Multnomah’s full-time faculty who are experts in their field and are trained in teaching adult learners.

Am I considered a full-time student?
By taking four 3-credit classes each semester, totaling 12 credits, you are considered a full-time student. This format qualifies you as a full-time student and allows you to receive more financial aid and defer any prior student loans.

When can I start the program?
Four cohorts are started each year. The following cohorts are being started:

  • April 16, 2015 - Leadership & Ministry
  • April 16, 2015 - Management & Ethics
  • September 2015 - Leadership & Ministry
  • September 2015 - Management & Ethics
  • January 2016 - Biblical Foundations

What majors do you offer?
Multnomah offers three majors: Leadership & MinistryBiblical Foundations, and Management & Ethics.

Leadership & Ministry is for those students wanting practical leadership/counseling/management training for the church, non-profit, or business.

Biblical Foundations is for those students desiring to effectively integrate biblical and theological truth with contemporary life and thought.

The Management & Ethics Major is for those students looking to enhance ethical sensitivity, professional competencies, and management skills.

How much does it cost?

Check the DCP tuition page for current rates.

Is Financial Aid available to adult students?
Financial Aid is available to all students who qualify. In order to determine eligibility for financial aid, each student must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please visit for more information. Multnomah’s school code for use on the FAFSA form is 003206.

How long is the program?
The program consists of 48 total college credits. This is divided into four 12-credit semesters, equaling about 23 months in length. Up to 15 credits of the program may also apply toward your required general education credit.

Can I get credit for my prior life experiences and learning?
Yes! If you have room in your electives, you may be awarded college credit for your prior life experiences and learning. A portfolio is prepared by the student describing specific work activities and life experiences and what college level learning resulted from those experiences. Visit the Life Experience Credit page for more info.

How can I complete the extra general education requirements I still need?
If general education courses are still needed we have a few options to help you complete those classes. We offer online classes, on-campus classes that meet once a week for five weeks (called Bridge classes), and CLEP tests.

How do I know how many of my college credits will transfer into Multnomah?
In order to determine how many of your prior college credits will transfer into Multnomah, we will do a free Preliminary Transcript Evaluation for you. We just need to take a look at your transcripts and our Assistant Registrar will complete the Transcript Evaluation for you. We always appreciate seeing your official transcripts, but unofficial transcripts work fine too.

What if I do not have the 48 required semester credits to start with a cohort?
If you are short of the required 48 semester credits to start a cohort, but still have a least 24 semester credits, you can join our program as a Pre-Cohort student. This allows you to work on finishing your general education requirements through our online and 5 week on-campus Bridge courses. Once you reach the 48 semester credits, you can then join one of our cohorts and also continue to complete the remainder of your required general education and elective credits.

What services are available to me as a Multnomah student?
As a Multnomah student, there are several services available to you:

  • Free professional counseling
  • Free Academic Tutoring Center
  • Free Career Services Department
  • Access to Multnomah’s Ministry Web Directory
  • Access to all on-campus facilities, including computer lab, commuter center, dining hall, workout room/gym, library, prayer chapel, coffee shop & bookstore.
  • Affordable on campus housing for singles, couples and families.
  • Student discounts for TriMet, computer purchases, movies and more.
  • Invitation to Multnomah’s yearly events: All-College Retreat (for the whole family), Global Missions Week, Summer BBQ’s, Family Christmas party, etc.

Is Multnomah an accredited institution?
Yes, Multnomah is a regionally accredited institution. Multnomah is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, and the Association for Biblical Higher Education; both accrediting bodies are recognized by the Council for Higher Education and the U.S. Department of Education. The University is also a member of the ECFA – Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

What can I do with my Multnomah degree?
As a Multnomah graduate, your degree will provide you with many options. Your degree will:

  • Enhance your viability within your current job or organization.
  • Provide opportunities for a new job or career.
  • Allow you to apply for graduate school or seminary.
  • Use your training and education to serve your local church more effectively.
  • Enhance your ability to work in full-time ministry.Recent Multnomah graduates have:
    • Entered Seminary programs on Advanced Track programs.
    • Been accepted into graduate programs all across Oregon.
    • Received raises and promotions at their jobs.
    • Received offers for new jobs and/or new ministry positions.
    • Been accepted into law school.

All Multnomah graduates also have access to our Career Services department which is available to help with resumes, cover letters, and job placement.

How do I apply?

You can apply online. You can also request a hard copy of our application to be sent to you. As a part of the application, we will need two references (one from a Pastor and one from a Friend), a $40 application fee, and a Personal Statement.