MA in Teaching

At Multnomah, our goal isn’t to push you through an MAT program in the shortest time frame possible. Our goal is to build you up as a principled leader and impactful educator.

So expect a robust two-year program that combines high-quality instruction with ample opportunities to hone your skills in the classroom. And expect to take a big step forward in your spiritual development — our academic and social community is rooted in God’s Word. Whether you plan to serve in a public, private or international school setting, you’ll be ready to help shape the lives of future generations.

Program highlights

We offer three dual authorizations:

  • For Early Childhood/Elementary - 36 semester hours
  • For Elementary/Middle Level - 36 semester hours
  • For Middle Level/High School - 36 semester hours
  • For the ESOL or Reading Specialist endorsement, the program is 12 credits.

For those who already hold teaching licenses, we offer a Reading Specialist Endorsement and an ESOL Endorsement. Either of these may be taken during the MAT program, although specialized programs such as these will be more than the 36 credits.

The ESOL Endorsement program is a 14-semester credit certification program that covers linguistics, grammar, principles of ESOL, teaching oral and written communication, and a teaching practicum which completes the endorsement.

The Reading Specialist Endorsement program is a 14-semester credit certification program that emphasizes reading instruction, development of strategic writers, literacy strategies for all learners, literacy assessments, and includes a teaching practicum for the completion of the endorsement.

Program focus

Our goal is to prepare the best possible candidates for their challenging future role as teacher leaders. We know we don't have the shortest or easiest program. But we believe the quality of our program and the time we invest in students to help them be prepared will pay off in our graduating some of the best teachers who will enter the work force.

There are three strands to the MAT program, and each is critical in preparing educators who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be successful in the teaching profession. For each of these, a high value is placed on integrating faith and learning.

  • Coursework 
    During the program, students will engage in coursework that lays a foundation of the fundamentals of teaching and learning, with attention given to developmentally-appropriate content and teaching strategies for the early childhood and elementary classrooms.
  • Fieldwork 
    MAT students will experience field work throughout the program. From observation to full-time responsibility in the classroom, students will have practical experience that prepares them for service in any early childhood or elementary classroom, whether in a private or public, local, national, or international school setting.
  • Research and Reflection 
    Each classroom and field experience is designed to help students become thoughtful practitioners in the classroom, who are able to identify good questions and who have the research skills to find answers to those questions, as well as the ability to think reflectively on what those answers mean in their classrooms, schools, and communities. Students are also encouraged and challenged to be reflective of their own practices so they will continue to hone their instructional practices and leadership skills as professional educators.


We'll provide valuable information to schools around the world that are looking for licensed teachers specifically from Multnomah. Our graduates work in:

  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • International schools
  • Mission schools
  • Alternative schools
  • Charter schools
  • Virtually anywhere that licensed teachers are needed

Course layout

  • The MAT program takes two years to complete: Fall and Spring I, Summer, Fall and Spring II.
  • Your EDU classes are taught 2 nights a week the first two terms (Tuesday & Thursday).
  • Summer term consists of two 4-week terms where you will be in class two nights a week.
  • Student Teaching (which takes place the last 2 semesters of your program) is 5 days a week in the K-12 classroom to which you are assigned. The first term you will be in the classroom half days for 15 weeks; the second term you will be in the classroom all day for 15 weeks. During those terms you will come to campus just 1 night a week for your final EDU classes.
  • Everyone is required to complete a specified 12 credits (4 classes) in Bible and Theology. These credits may be transferred from other college work, or you can take BIB 550, BIB 560, TH 570, and BIB 580 in one of the formats Multnomah offers; either the semester-long Monday night format, or the condensed 3-weekend format.
  • Those pursuing a High School (HS) authorization must also have 18 semester credits in their content area(s). For example, if your content area is Math, you must have 18 semester credits in math (either undergraduate or graduate credits) to graduate with your MAT. These may be taken during your MAT program if you haven’t already completed them in your undergraduate work. Some of these required credits may be waived depending on your experience and prior opportunities to demonstrate knowledge in your content area.

Cost and financial aid

Multnomah’s MAT program is significantly more affordable than other graduate programs in the area. Current pricing can be found on the Graduate Program Financial Aid page. Books and other fees are not included in that price.

The Marvin O. Johnson Scholarship offers up to five scholarships of $5,000 per program for qualified teacher education students. Visit the Financial Aid section for more information.

Applying to the MAT program

To apply, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Be a graduate with a B.S. or B.A. from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Submit the application with all required forms
  • Bible and Theology prerequisites may be completed during the MAT program.

Student stories

Sarah Murrell has found her sweet spot in the front of the classroom, thanks to this program.

Amanda Schick found her dream job teaching at a local high school.

Learn more about the program

You can meet the program director, visit classes and mingle with current students when you attend an MA in Teaching Info Session. For more details on the program, or to receive an application by mail, contact Admissions at 800-275-4672 or

Meet Your Professors

spring 2016 education Courses:


EDU504 (01) Intro to Educational Research Ms. Rachel Curtiss
EDU528 (01) Language Development & Teaching Literacy Mrs. Kathy McKee
EDU529 (01) Teaching Math Methods Ms. Rachel Curtiss
EDU532 (01) EC/EL Creative Teaching Methods Mrs. Kathy McKee
EDU548 (01) Psychology of the K-12 Learner Ms. Angel Wright
EDU558 (01) ML/HS Science Methods Jeanne Lampi
EDU559 (01) ML/HS English Language Methods Mr. Thomas Johnson
EDU560 (01) ML/HS Social Studies Methods Mr. Thomas Johnson
EDU568 (01) ML/HS P.E. Methods Mr. Landon Lynn
EDU592 (01) Professional Seminar Mrs. Kathy McKee