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Business management major

  • LM 206D Essentials of Management
  • BU 300D Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • BU 303D Organizational Behavior
  • BU 306D Accounting for Managers
  • BU 312D Project Management
  • BU 325D Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • PHL 312D Principles of Ethics
  • BU 400D Marketing and Sales
  • BU 410D Managing Human Resources
  • BU 415D Leading Organizations

Bible/theology core

  • BIB 111D Pentateuch
  • BIB 327D Prophetic Books
  • BIB 115D Gospels
  • BIB 325D Acts and Pauline Letters
  • BIB 113D Bible Study Methods
  • TH 200D Introduction to Theology

Graduation requirements

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, students must complete:

  • 124 semester hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher
    • 30 semester hours of major requirements
    • 18 semester hours of Bible and theology
    • 41 semester hours of Electives
    • 35 semester hours of General Education requirements including:
      • English/Communication (8 hours)
      • Humanities (12 hours)
      • Social Science (6 hours)
      • Natural Science and Math (9 hours)

Course layouts

Take a look at these course plans and find out what you need to graduate with a degree in business management.

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Curt Heitschmidt

“I knew that I could study business anywhere, but the business and Bible combination was what I really wanted.”