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Example Courses

BIB 306 Text and Canon

A survey of the origins, formation, transmission and translation of the Bible with emphasis given to the authority and reliability and translation philosophies of current English Bibles. Course includes a brief survey of the Intertestamental Period (400 BC – 100 AD) as it pertains to the formation of the Canon. 

BIB 307 Theology I

An introduction to the study of Theology. The character of the Bible and its own vindication of inerrancy and inspiration, especially in view of contemporary religious doubt. Theism, including the attributes, names, designations and works of the Trinitarian God. The Person and work of the Savior, including his deity, humanity and the nature of His sacrifice as substitutionary atonement. The Person and work of the Holy Spirit, including his role in salvation and the life of the believer. 

BIB 305 OT Literature: Prophets and Poetic Books

An investigation of the historical, prophetic, and personally relevant aspects of the major and minor prophets, with special emphasis on the book of Isaiah. Survey of the unique message of the poetic and wisdom books. Special attention is given to selected portions and problem passages. 

Course Description

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Course Layout

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Students will be able to identify major themes of the Old and New Testaments.

Students will develop study and interpretive skills in order to understand the meaning of the Scriptures.  

Students will develop a personal position on key areas of theology, taking into consideration various approaches to theology which have been used throughout the history of the church.  

Students will develop the ability to integrate and apply the eternal truths of the Bible as authoritative and reliable guidelines for godly living. 

Students will read the entire Bible.