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Example Courses

BIB 509 Biblical Interpretation

 This course provides an overview and practice in the basic steps of doing independent, in-depth study of the Bible. It provides guidelines for approaching different literary categories of Scripture, and features emphasis on students’ hands-on practice of applying these various methods. 

TH 717 Contemporary Theology & Ethics

Considers major theological movements of the twentieth century and current directions. Contemporary ethical systems and issues are explored. Students articulate their own ethical system. 

CN 721 Foundations in Biblical Counseling

An overview of counseling theories and a foundation in basic counseling techniques for various aspects of biblical and pastoral counseling. Lab includes a structured, supervised, and hands-on application of counseling techniques in the classroom and outside of class.  

Course Description

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Course Layout

View the Traditional 2019-2020 Course Layout to get a glimpse of how your classes will be structured.
Multnomah also offers a Chaplaincy Track, which is a unique curriculum designed to prepare you for institutional chaplaincy. View the 2019-2020 Course Layout.


Exhibit spiritual growth as wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ through engaging the recognized practices of Christian formation nourished by the Word of God and empowered the Holy Spirit and be able guide others in a similar personal relationship with Christ.

Demonstrate knowledge of the contents of the Bible and competence in biblical interpretation.

Reflect theologically on life and ministry from biblical, historical and constructive theological perspectives in ways that are consistent with evangelical orthodoxy. 

Understand and engage their cultural context.

Model competent and Christ-like ministry leadership in the Church and marketplace.