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Areas of study

  • Biblical Studies (Old Testament studies and/or New Testament studies)
  • Theological Studies (biblical, historical and systematic theology)

Three of the four Th.M. seminars are required, and sixteen units are devoted to the major studies area, including the appropriate seminars and the required thesis. A course in educational philosophy and practice as well as a teaching fellowship internship are included in the program. Download the university catalog for more information.

Admission requirements

  • An M.Div. from an ATS accredited seminary with a minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Two years of NT Greek and three semesters of Hebrew (four semesters of Hebrew if selecting the Biblical Studies major)
  • An adequate background in biblical and theological studies (16 units of theology; 6 units of church history/historical theology; 15 hours of biblical studies/exegesis).
  • An M.Div. equivalence. Students with a M.A. in Biblical and Theological studies may be considered based on an M.Div. equivalence. Equivalence is based on 72 units of graduate coursework in specified areas.
Ben Tertin

“I can study the Scriptures in Greek and Hebrew now and teach and preach at any level, from conference speaking to Sunday sermons, to young adult teaching and program development. What an awesome school.”