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Bible & Theology

Multnomah University believes that a thorough knowledge of the Word of God is fundamental to the development of a Christian worldview and for shaping Christian students into servant leaders for the church, community, and world. For this reason, all undergraduate students at Multnomah, regardless of any second major or minor they may choose, enter a foundational program of study leading to a major in Bible and Theology. While most students will either major or minor in a second academic discipline, those who prefer to focus solely on Bible and Theology can pursue one of three advanced concentrations (Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, or Biblical Languages) resulting in the equivalent of a double major.

What is the Bible and Theology Major Like?

  • It is thorough. Classes provide an in-depth study covering virtually every book and section of the Bible, rather than a broad survey approach.
  • It is academic. Courses connect the student with the best in linguistic, historical, and literary studies in Bible and Theology.
  • It is focused on personal growth. One of the goals of each Bible/Theology course is to challenge students in their own spiritual formation.
  • It is culturally engaging. Bible and Theology courses seek to help students apply biblical and theological principles to life in today’s world.

What Can I Do with a Major in Bible and Theology?

  • Multnomah’s Bible/Theology major prepares students for life and vocation, whatever their future career paths may be, providing them with the means for seeing all of life and work through the lens of God’s enduring truth.
  • For students interested in professional Christian/Church ministry, the Bible/Theology major is an excellent foundation for seminary, mission work, or any other Christian vocational training.
  • The Bible/Theology major, especially when combined with one of the advanced concentrations, prepares students well for graduate work in biblical studies or theology.

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