Multnomah’s English major will engage you through discussing great books and viewing the world through a variety of windows. By learning to interpret literary works, you will also become a better writer. Our English classes are substantive but not overwhelming; they complement MU’s Bible and theology core while still allowing latitude in elective classes.

Whether your future leads to teaching, graduate school, or some other pursuit, you will be equipped to confront the challenges thoughtfully and insightfully.

Job Outlook

The English major is unique in that it provides a refreshing sense of freedom. Career options are wide open for students who have learned to think critically, engage their world empathetically, understand a variety of opinions, communicate eloquently, and notice beauty in the unnoticed. English majors can find jobs in fields which include organization of ideas, logical thinking, problem solving, and compelling verbal and written communication.

Points of distinction 

  1. Multnomah students take a more substantive core of Bible and theology courses, which leads to a more fully realized integration of God’s Word in the English classroom.
  2. With these building blocks in place, students can now consider the importance of empathy. All of the learning and training in the world do little good unless moored securely to the abiding stay of love and compassion for others.
  3. The result of all this is civility, hospitality, and sincerity, grounded in God’s love for us and for others. At Multnomah, English students will be encouraged toward these important truths throughout their time in the English program.
  4. In Multnomah’s English program, students are not only trained to think expansively, but also responsibly. Forming ideas and reaching conclusions is difficult, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges, allowing students to think well.
  5. Students who think well are in a position to write well. Multnomah’s English students are trained to write clearly and knowledgeably.


Committed faculty will guide your transformation as you undertake the exhilarating process of becoming a more educated and informed follower of Jesus Christ. In addition to becoming a better reader of literary texts, you will also be prompted to:

  • Greater intellectual curiosity
  • A heightened understanding of beauty
  • A healthy reevaluation of self

Student story

Kristin McMullen is thankful that MU's English program is rooted in Jesus.

Common career paths 

Students who graduate from Multnomah’s English program find employment in many different careers. Some of them include:

  • Graduate degrees in theology, philosophy, and law
  • Teaching
  • Creative writing
  • Freelance writing
  • Copyediting
  • Corporate communications
  • Researching

Positions MU English graduates have held

  • Junior high English teacher
  • Literary agent
  • Graphic designer
  • University writer and editor 
  • High school English teacher

Graduate schools to which MU English graduates have been accepted

  • Idaho State University 
  • Portland State University
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Washington 
  • Washington State University 

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