B.A., University of Oklahoma

Hired in 2020

Nicholle chose Portland in 2017 for its amazing dining scene, beautiful scenery, and proximity to a wide variety of vacation destinations. Though not originally from the Pacific Northwest, she is happy to have made her home in this wonderful part of the country. Since joining the Multnomah University team, Nicholle has begun working on her certification to teach English through MU’s TESOL department, and she hopes to use those skills to travel the world.

Outside of work, Nicholle likes to do all sorts of craft projects. She sews her own clothes, knits, crochets, and embroiders – any sort of needlecrafts are fair game! You can also find her reading a book at the park or enjoying a latte with a friend at one of the many local coffee shops that she frequents. She takes pride in being a tour guide to Portland visitors, with a list of restaurant recommendations that would put a travel blog to shame.

Staff Headshot Nicholle Niblett