Multnomah University

Reno Tahoe Campus


2015-2016 Tuition Costs

Reno-Tahoe Courses - $345/credit
Fees - $100 per semester

**All cost figures reflect a 2.9% increase for the 2015-2016 academic year. For prospective students in the 2014-2015 academic year, please contact an admissions or financial aid counselor for more information on tuition and fees.

Financial Aid

Type of Aid Amount Intended For Add'l Information Deadline
Multnomah University Grant - Reno $75/credit Students enrolled in the undergraduate program at Reno-Tahoe campus Scholarship reduces tuition to $270/credit (does not apply to online credits) ASAP
Federal Pell Grant Up to $5,775 Students with high need according to FAFSA Complete financial aid process as soon as possible ASAP
Stafford Loans - Subsidized Up to $5,500 Students enrolled at least half-time; restrictions apply No interest while enrolled at least half-time; based on need according to FAFSA ASAP
Stafford Loans - Unsubsidized Up to $2,000 Students enrolled at least half-time Accrues interest at rate of 4.66% ASAP
Stafford Loans - Additional Unsubsidized Up to $5,000 Students who are enrolled at least half-time; must be independent, or a dependent with parent denied PLUS Accrues interest at rate of 4.66% ASAP
PLUS Loans Varies Dependent student whose parent is approved by a basic credit check Amount varies based on credit; accrues interest at rate of 7.21%; loan is taken by parent ASAP

Remember: A current FAFSA is required in order to receive any Multnomah or federal financial aid.

Fee Structure (per semester):

Technology Fee  $100  6 or more credits; every student including  extension sites.
Technology Fee  $50  Less than 6 credits; every student including extension sites