Introducing the Multnomah Oral History Project

Multnomah University Alumni Relations is excited to announce the Multnomah Oral History Project!


For more than 85 years, Multnomah has prepared Christian students for lives of gospel ministry. Beginning with Dr. John Mitchell’s bold vision for Christian education in the Pacific Northwest and his deeply-held desire that each student would fall in love with the Savior, and continuing to this day, Multnomah faculty and staff work to impart the truth of Scripture in a way that engages the hearts, minds, and future callings of each of our students. Along the way, Multnomah students have created a lot of memories, and Multnomah alumni have impacted the world!

Now, we want to hear those stories – your stories – and share them with other members of the Multnomah family. Starting in October, alumni will receive postcards and emails encouraging participation in the Multnomah Oral History Project. Whether you earned a degree from Multnomah, finished a certificate program, or just attended for a year or two, we hope you will participate.

To help tackle this massive project encompassing nearly 15,000 Multnomah alumni, we have partnered with a company called Publishing Concepts, with who we previously worked on a printed alumni directory. Their team will help us gather data and stories from alumni like you, preserve these stories both in digital recordings and print versions, and then share these stories in a beautiful book that reveals how God has worked in and through Multnomah and its people through the years.

To participate in this project, please call the 800-number provided in the email or postcard. When you call, there are three parts to the conversation:

1) Updating your contact info.
2) Sharing your Multnomah stories.
3) A chance to purchase the storybook and/or Multnomah gear.

Please know that updating your info and sharing your Multnomah story is the most important part of the call. While our partner makes the book and Multnomah gear available, there is no obligation to purchase anything. Your stories will be included in the project regardless of whether you make a purchase.

The Multnomah Oral History project should take roughly six months to complete. If you have any questions about this project, please contact us at

Thank you for participating in this exciting project that will help preserve the stories of Multnomah and helping all of us relive the special impact this place has had through the years.

New Alumni Dessert

Join us on December 16th at 7:00 pm to celebrate the achievements of our graduating students alongside their families and MU staff and faculty. Doors open at 6:30 pm. We look forward to a special time together. Please register for the event here.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association exists to serve and represent you for your experience as a member of the Multnomah community to continue to be a positive aspect of your life. We promote the ongoing, positive community of Multnomah through our active alumni in the various regions where they live, work, and serve, and we will continue to find ways to create more value for your alumni membership. Made up of Multnomah alumni across our nation, the Alumni Leadership Council, working with the Multnomah University staff, continues to drive the vision for Multnomah, and we believe that the days ahead are bright.

The input and participation of all Multnomah University alumni are vital to the success of our efforts. We invite you to look for opportunities, including leadership roles, to become involved in the activities that matter most to you and your family.

Alumni Association

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Your Alumni Benefits

As a Multnomah alum, you can take advantage of a variety of benefits and services while you stay connected to our campus community. It’s all part of our commitment to you.

• Free lifetime library access (does not include online resources)
• Free admission to regular season athletic events with a valid Alumni Association membership card
• Audit Multnomah classes for free through the Lifelong Learning program
• Free admission to our conferences, including the Christian Life Conference, Global Ministries Conference, and others
• Admission to Multnomah’s athletic exercise room at $60 per semester/$120 per year (non-refundable)

Become a member of Multnomah’s Alumni Association
• Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, the “Multnomah Connection”
• Let us know if your address, phone number, or email address changes, or update the info yourself so that we can stay in touch

Contribute to Multnomah by volunteering your time, talents or resources for others to benefit from the same gifts that helped you.

• Help to coordinate class reunions and establishing area chapters in your region
• Join the Alumni Leadership Council. For information on how to join, contact our Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, Cynthia Mathai at or (503) 251-6458.
• Provide your unique input regarding our academic programs and activities. We’ll periodically ask for your thoughts on these issues because we value your feedback
• You can also bless us by praying for the Multnomah family — administration, faculty, staff, and students.

We want to know what you are up to! When you share your story with us, you have the opportunity to have your story featured in our marketing materials, which helps to tell others how Multnomah impacted you and brings awareness to the things that you are passionate about. The main reason students attend MU is because of a graduate’s influence.

*Multnomah reserves the right to change alumni benefits at any time without notice.

Alumni Membership Card

All MU graduates receive an Alumni Association Membership card. Your first membership card is free.

If your card has been lost or stolen or you have graduated prior to 2006, please submit a card replacement application. The replacement card fee is $5.

Alumnus of the Year Award

The Alumnus of the Year Award is the highest honor that Multnomah bestows on an alumnus. This award recognizes an alumnus whose life faithfully exemplifies Christ and the mission of Multnomah as demonstrated by acknowledged professional accomplishments, personal character, integrity, and a strong commitment to the Lord.

Read more about our 2019 Alumnus of the Year, Alan Hotchkiss.

Two Adults on Stage in Chapel Alumni

The Alumnus of the Year:
• Is a graduate who upholds the standards of Multnomah University

• Is distinguished among their peers for constructive contributions made to society that display leadership, responsibility, and expertise in their field of endeavor

• Is an individual with a demonstrated commitment to community involvement

• Is a person of integrity and demonstrated ability who provides inspiration to the constituency of Multnomah University

• Is a graduate who has demonstrated a continuing interest in and support of Multnomah University through contribution of time, talent, and/or resources

• Is an individual who endeavors to demonstrate the importance of his/her education and faith

• Individuals are ineligible if they are a candidate for, or currently hold any elected public office in the current calendar year

• If the nominee has been a member of the Multnomah Alumni Leadership Council, this individual shall not be eligible until at least one year after such membership has expired

Nominations may be made online or in writing by completing the official Alumnus of the Year nomination form provided by the alumni department. Nomination forms with any supporting material should be received by the Alumni Relations Department no later than June 30 of the previous year in which the person is being nominated.

In addition to this form, newspaper or magazine clippings, website address, or other appropriate supporting materials may be submitted.

Nominations may be made by any of the following individuals or groups:
• Multnomah students, alumni, faculty, staff, or friends
• Multnomah Alumni Association Area Chapters
• Multnomah Alumni Leadership Council
• Alumni may self-nominate by completing the nomination form, providing supporting materials (if any), and providing two letters of support.

The awards committee will review the nominations and determine the recipient committee consists of the following individuals:
• President of Multnomah University
• Director of Alumni Relations
• Academic Dean of the College and Seminary Dean
• Alumni Leadership Council Members

*The decision of the awards committee is final. The alumnus of the year award is presented annually at our alumni awards celebration at the Portland campus. A person may receive this award only once in his/her lifetime.

Alumni of the Year Nomination

You may know someone who is deserving of this award and meets our criteria. We would love to hear about them. Please submit your nomination for next year’s Alumni of the Year award by completing the form to the right.

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Multnomah Connection

The Multnomah Connection is a monthly e-newsletter created just for our alumni and the MU family. Some of the highlights in each edition could include a letter from your Alumni Director, an alumni spotlight, Access to Events, and more.

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Lifetime Learning

As an alumnus of Multnomah University, you have free access to class auditing for life. We believe that learning is an ongoing journey and doesn’t simply end when one earns their degree. Continue to learn with us throughout life and discover more of what God has for you as you experience life.

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Alumni Leadership Council

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Salem-Eugene Regional Representative

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Central California Regional Representative

Neil Johnson
Texas Regional Representative

Jennica Mosser
Puget Sound Regional Representative

Alex Paterno
Local Regional Representative

Reid Saunders
Local Regional Representative

Reunions and Chapters

A reunion is a time to reconnect with friends and classmates from your time at Multnomah. Your reunion could be a gathering of classmates from a particular year or decade, or it could be an affinity reunion of friends from an athletic team, course of study, group of RA’s, etc.

Alumni may plan class or affinity reunions at any time. The responsibility of the planning, organizing, and running a reunion belongs to alumni themselves, but the Alumni Relations Office is here to assist you along the way.

Chapters bring Multnomah to a community or network of alumni located in a common region. It is a fantastic opportunity to extend the MU family spirit beyond campus.

Planning a meaningful chapter requires two things:
• A common vision for what the chapter can be
• One or more people to serve as local coordinators for the chapter meeting

The responsibility of the planning, organizing, and running a chapter is that of the alumni, but the Alumni Relations Office is here to assist you along the way.

Interested in organizing a Reunion or connecting with our department?

Contact us at (503) 251-6458 or alumni@multnomah.eduand we will be happy to give you further details and helpful guidelines.