Alumnus of the Year Criteria
  • Is a graduate who upholds the standards of Multnomah University
  • Is distinguished among their peers for constructive contributions made to society that display leadership, responsibility and expertise in their field of endeavor
  • Is an individual with demonstrated commitment to community involvement
  • Is a person of integrity and demonstrated ability who provides inspiration to the constituency of Multnomah University
  • Is a graduate who has demonstrated a continuing interest in and support of Multnomah University through contribution of time, talent, and/or resources
  • Is an individual who endeavors to demonstrate the importance of his/her education and faith
  • Individuals are ineligible if they are a candidate for, or currently hold any elected public office in the current calendar year
  • If the nominee has been a member of the Multnomah Alumni Leadership Council, this individual shall not be eligible until at least one year after such membership has expired

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