How To Participate in Lifetime Learning Benefits

Fill out the Alumni Lifetime Learning application below:
The Office of the Registrar will process applications received by the deadlines listed:
Fall Term – August 15th
Spring Term – December 15th

If you are a graduate of:

Multnomah University (Bachelor’s degree), Multnomah Bible College (Bachelor’s degree) or Multnomah School of the Bible (Diploma or Associate’s degree)

  • You may audit one college-level class per calendar year tuition-free

  • Multnomah Biblical Seminary Graduate Certificate or Multnomah School of the Bible Biblical Foundation Certificate (1 year)

  • You may audit one college (undergraduate) level class tuition-free one time only.

  • Multnomah Biblical Seminary Master’s degree (2+ years) or Multnomah Graduate School

  • You may audit one graduate-level class per calendar year tuition-free.
  • Lifetime Learning Details

  • Alumni who are using any form of financial aid (including Multnomah employee discounts) will not be eligible for the Lifetime Learning benefit. Utilizing Lifetime Learning benefits in conjunction with any other financial aid will alter or, in some cases, may jeopardize federal aid benefits.

  • The Lifetime Learning benefit will be available to all eligible alumni during fall and spring semesters only.

  • The Lifetime Learning benefit is on an “as available” basis only which will be determined after current student enrollment has been established.

  • After your Lifetime Learning benefit application has been processed (following normal registration) the Alumni Relations Department or Registrar will contact you to inform you if you can participate.

  • All recurring undergraduate audits may be used once per calendar year rather than an academic year (i.e. a first-time auditor could participate in a class in fall 2012 and also in spring 2013. They would not be able to participate the next fall (2013) which would be two free audits in a calendar year.)

  • All class prerequisites apply (e.g. you must have taken Expository Communication Com 301 in order to audit Advanced Homiletics Com 401). Excluded classes include the IDAK Career Development course, summer classes, and private music lessons.

  • An alumnus of both the college and the seminary is only eligible for either the college or the seminary benefits.

  • Alumni Lifetime Learning benefits apply directly to the alumnus and no one else.

  • Multnomah reserves the right to change alumni benefits at any time without notice.
    Please contact the Alumni Relations Department at or 877.9ALUMNI for further details.