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Professors Talk Hell On Radio Show

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Professors Talk Hell On Radio Show

There's been a lot of talk about "hell" on campus lately. What with new books espousing more universal views and the classically-held version of the subject - it's become, well, a hot topic (ahem).

Georgene Rice Show

As you know, our good friends at The Georgene Rice Show have asked Multnomah Professors to go on-air and answer questions about hot topics and Read the rest of this entry »

Ask The Professor Radio Show – “Christmas”

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Ask The Professor Radio Show – “Christmas”

Ok, we know that the Christmas Season (and even Epiphany) has passed us by already...but there's never a bad time to talk about scripture and the birth of Jesus Christ, right?

Ask The Professor

Most of you know that we are involved with The Georgene Rice Show and that our professors fill in for the ever-more-popular "Ask the Professor" segments Read the rest of this entry »

Ask The Professor Radio Show – “Judging”

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Ask The Professor Radio Show – “Judging”

Some time back, you may remember us telling you about our (then) new partnership with The Georgene Rice radio show. You might also remember us telling you that part of the partnership involves Multnomah professors going on-air for the now-popular "Ask the Professor" segments. After Dr. Dan went on to talk about it - the first official one happened back in October 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Gov’t Opening Door To Christian College Discrimination?

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Recently, Multnomah President Dr. Daniel Lockwood was on The Georgene Rice Show to discuss a major piece of rule-making on the part of the federal government that threatens to create a layer of governmental oversight of private institutions that also opens the door for various forms of discrimination against institutions who have a faith-based mission.

During the interview, this article from Christianity Today was referenced. Read the rest of this entry »

Alumni + Compassion + Radio

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As many of you know, MU is combining the annual PDX Alumni Chapter event with a ministry outreach called Compassion Connect to help run a Downtown Compassion clinic day.

A New Partnership With Georgene Rice

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Some of you who listen to The Georgene Rice Show on Portland's KPDQ 93.9 fm radio station already know this - but for the rest of you, we have some really big news!

(See the Podcasted Show announcement below)

The Deal

We've recently signed an agreement to be the primary sponsor of the very well-known Georgene Rice Show.

  • The show will now be broadcast from the "Multnomah Studios at KPDQ"
  • We've partnered up to sponser her podcasts and the call-in phone line
  • There will be a new segment called "Ask the Professor"...(for which they've opened up a competition for Multnomah people to write and produce the segment jingle for it! - email us at for more details on how you can be famous)
  • Ms. Rice will bring her show to the Multnomah campus (Portland) 3 times/year now
  • There are more items to add to this list, but it's long enough for a blog post!

The Kick-Off

Our President, Dr. Dan Lockwood, went on air live last Monday (4/19) to discuss the new agreement. We've posted the mp3 podcast here for your enjoyment. You'll hear a Multnomah Biblical Seminary radio commercial to start it out and then Dr. Dan comes on at about the 8-minute mark. So simply scroll over to go straight to that if you like. (But the whole show is great! Hello, Georgene!).

Download It

Two Interviews about Don Brake’s New Book

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As a follow-up to a previous post about the success of Dr. Don Brake's new book - I thought I'd go into my bag of goodies and give you the interview with Amanda May (Journalism '08) in the latest Multnomah magazine as well as the in-depth radio interview with our good friend Georgene Rice.

Multnomah Magazine Interview


Georgene Rice Show Interview

If you pick up a copy of the book and want me to help you get it signed, comment here or email me and let me know...because I can make that happen. I know people.