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Why Accreditation Is Prudent

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As a private, Bible-teaching, Christian institution of higher learning, we can certainly sympathize with what is happening over in Wisconsin with Northland International University(formerly Northland Baptist Bible College).

Read about it at Inside Higher Ed

Note how the students and alumni are the ones who suffer - and if they suffer, it can start a domino effect of more learning not being done, credits not transferring, ministries not started, and on and on - this is the nature of being biblical higher education - and what makes it different from the local church's mission. Perhaps you can join us in praying for Northland.

Multnomah's Accreditation

Learn more about Multnomah's accreditation, the process, and benefits therein. While you're there, brush up on the doctrinal statement and mission statements!

Oregon Independent Colleges Keeping Costs Down

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In this day and age, every penny saved counts. One story that I've wanted to talk about for some while is that of how there is increased public scrutiny over college costs - and what colleges are doing to keep them down. Let's face it, it's expensive to run an institution of higher education - even one like Multnomah which operates with minimal staffing and even less physical overhead.

One Big Difference Between Publics & Privates

Recently, almost all public institutions (including community colleges) have announced sizeable increases in their tuition and operating expenses - and have lobbied for more taxpayer support (And why not? It's even more expensive to run a major public research institution).

As you may know, private independent institutions are not subsidized by public money. The good part about this is that it forces us to tighten our belts when the times get tough and endowments take dives with the stock market. This can be a very healthy thing, forcing us to focus more on achieving our mission efficiently.

The Charge of Stewardship

Instead of passing all the costs on to students and their families or asking donors to throw more money at the operation (although, we'll gladly talk to any donor willing to contribute!) we have to trim expenses and make wise moves to demonstrate good stewardship with an eye toward future health. At Multnomah, this stewardship principle takes on a whole new meaning, because we know it is not "our" operation to begin with - we are only taking care of what God has charged to us.

But Not Just Multnomah

Multnomah belongs to an organization called the Oregon Independent Colleges Association (OICA). As a collective, it has become a mantra to show a commitment to keeping cost increases to an absolute minimum. Recently, OICA sent out a news release that gave a brief overview of what these institutions are doing.

OICA College Cost Containment Press Release

Also, don't forget about our new Tuition Relief Scholarship we announced after this press release went out.