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Anticipating the Messiah

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Anticipating the Messiah

Message from the Alumni Director

I’ve been re-reading the Old Testament, the Gospels, and Paul’s epistles this year. Through this, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the weight of the disappointment that must have been experienced both by God and His people when Israel failed to recognize the gift of the promised Messiah. In spite of such clear prophecies, Israel let the most momentous event in history go by unnoticed. Talk about anti-climactic! Read the rest of this entry »

Israeli and Palestinian Conflict Addressed

Israeli and Palestinian Conflict Addressed

Seminary Journal Out

Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture Volume 7, Issue 1 is now available. Put out by The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins, it is the academic journal of Multnomah Biblical Seminary.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Israel!

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(Another letter to our Alumni Department from the mission field on Thanksgiving.)


We are thankful for many things. In Tiberias, Israel we can't find a full turkey in the grocery store (they have to be ordered in advance) but we are thankful that at least we can buy a turkey breast! We are thankful for all of the groups that have come to help us this last year, and especially the five students from Multnomah who came in May. [We're hoping that the University will send another team this year.] It is our prayer that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Much Shalom, in Messiah Yeshua,

Bill (BS '90) and Vered Rogers

03-10-09 053_resizedAbout The Rogers'

Bill is a native of the Pacific Northwest, while Vered was born and raised in the Eastern Galilee. They have served with OM Israel for six years now and Bill is on the national leadership team for the field. They have three children--Roi Yoel,6; Matan Ben, 4; and Dvir Asaf, 8mos. They are active in the Peniel Congregation in Tiberias, one of the largest indigenous fellowships in Israel, plus they serve as the host family in a hospitality house owned by Galtronics, a company established by Multnomah graduates (PDF - pg 5). Their main ministry focus is utilizing short-term outreach groups from abroad to systematically reach every home in their region with a basic Gospel presentation. Other activities include follow up, discipleship and teaching in the context of a home/cell group that meets in their home (Hebrew/Spanish). The Rogers' family is active in just about any type of evangelism, and everything having to do with literature.