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Kigali Update 6

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For the full context of this story, check out our posts tagged as Kigali. Or, if you already know, but want to get caught up on Update 1 or Update 2 or Update 3 or Update 4 or Update 5


June 19, 2010
The next activity that was scheduled for the team was to attend Steven and Florence’s wedding. Their wedding cermony was just about the same as any American wedding, but their reception was different. During the reception, they had traditional Rwandan dancing, and both sides of the families had to welcome each other to the family. In the Rwanda traditon, there is a bride price to pay. The bride price is usually paid in cattles.

After the wedding reception, we came back to the mission house. We actually left the reception a little bit early. The days of the team returning to America are coming close. We are excited to come back to the states, but also very sad to leave the friends that we have made here in Rwanda.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone for praying for the team and their health. Each team member has been on their feet and has been involved in all the ministry that has been on our agenda. It was because of prayer that each team member is feeling better and that we are able to carry on. God bless.

Happy Thanksgiving from Israel!

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(Another letter to our Alumni Department from the mission field on Thanksgiving.)


We are thankful for many things. In Tiberias, Israel we can't find a full turkey in the grocery store (they have to be ordered in advance) but we are thankful that at least we can buy a turkey breast! We are thankful for all of the groups that have come to help us this last year, and especially the five students from Multnomah who came in May. [We're hoping that the University will send another team this year.] It is our prayer that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Much Shalom, in Messiah Yeshua,

Bill (BS '90) and Vered Rogers

03-10-09 053_resizedAbout The Rogers'

Bill is a native of the Pacific Northwest, while Vered was born and raised in the Eastern Galilee. They have served with OM Israel for six years now and Bill is on the national leadership team for the field. They have three children--Roi Yoel,6; Matan Ben, 4; and Dvir Asaf, 8mos. They are active in the Peniel Congregation in Tiberias, one of the largest indigenous fellowships in Israel, plus they serve as the host family in a hospitality house owned by Galtronics, a company established by Multnomah graduates (PDF - pg 5). Their main ministry focus is utilizing short-term outreach groups from abroad to systematically reach every home in their region with a basic Gospel presentation. Other activities include follow up, discipleship and teaching in the context of a home/cell group that meets in their home (Hebrew/Spanish). The Rogers' family is active in just about any type of evangelism, and everything having to do with literature.

Alumni Missionary Support – On To Rome

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Dearest Faithful Prayer Supporters,

Warmest of Greetings to you from Rome,Italy. I trust that each of you are well and have enjoyed a beautiful Pentecost Sunday. It has been a busy day of travel for me - but a great one. With an early morning flight out of Edinburgh I flew into Amsterdam with the Scotland team. After saying good bye and sending them on as they headed back to the states I then boarded another plane and headed to Rome.

Arriving In Rome

Upon arriving in Rome, I was greeted by Rachel Uthmann (BS '00) and her little girl Joy Vania, as well as my dearest friend Tanya Heilman (BS '00)who is also visiting in Rome this week. What a wonderful reception after such a long day. This evening we spent some time relaxing here at the Uthmann's...what a gift it has been to be in their home. I am looking forward to spending the week together and learning more about life here in Rome and their ministry to the refugees.

Refugee Ministry

Tim (BS 99) and Rachel oversee a refugee ministry in working with International Teams and have been serving refugees in Rome since September 2007. Tens of thousands of forcibly displaced people from Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan and many others travel through Rome each year. Housing, food and social services are difficult to find, but one of the greatest challenges that refugees face is the climate of prejudice and fear they encounter when they arrive. The Uthmann's support several local ministries with food distribution throughout the week while befriending individual refugees in order to share Christ's love. I am looking forward to learning more and participating in their ministry this week.

Thanks for your continued prayers,