Complete Guide to Applying to Multnomah

Applying for college is an exciting, nerve-wracking, and let’s be honest, confusing process at times. At Multnomah University, we believe in keeping the application process straightforward and communicating one-on-one with potential students to better support them. In this article, we provide a complete guide to applying to Multnomah from submitting your application to making your final decision. And you can always reach out to our friendly admissions team with any questions you might have!

1. Fill Out & Submit Your Application

Submitting an application to Multnomah is simpler than the average institution. First, you will be asked a bit of information about what you want to study. Next, you will review our university’s doctrinal statement. Read this section closely and respond to two questions. “Have you committed your life to Jesus Christ as your personal savior?” You can put unsure here if you need to. Our Admissions Team will talk one-on-one with you about our faith statement and why we ask that question. After reading the doctrinal statement, you will be prompted, “I have read Multnomah’s doctrinal statement and I agree to respect and support it while studying at the university.” As a university in love with God the Savior, we believe in remaining true to our mission to equip students through faith and community to be transformed as Christian leaders. We welcome students at every step in their faith journey, but we want to make sure the school’s faith-based education aligns with your desires for college. You can review our doctrinal statement at

After submitting your faith statement, the application collects basic personal information from you for future communication and potential scholarship opportunities. The Academic History section is the only part of the application that requires a bit of preparation. You will want to have a few pieces of information ready:

  • Year of High School Graduation
  • Your Highschool’s Name
  • OR, if you are or will be a home school graduate
  • If you have, or will receive a GED
  • If you attended college or university

You will need to submit your official high school transcript (the next section goes over the process). Once you fill out your academic history, you only have to answer a handful more questions, such as how you heard about us, and you are done! The final step is to pay the non-refundable application fee of $40. We occasionally run special offers to waive this fee. So, if cost is a concern, feel free to reach out to our Admissions Team. They will see what they can do to help you.

Congratulations! After reviewing and agreeing to a short section on Multnomah’s guidelines, principles, and regulations, you can officially submit your application. When it comes to applying to college, the earlier, the better because your chances of receiving financial aid increase. You will also have peace of mind knowing where you are headed next on your journey!

Fall priority applications are due August 1 and Spring priority applications are due December 1. If you have questions about submitting your application, check out our application checklist at the bottom of the page at or reach out to our admissions team!

2. Request Your Official High School Transcript


You must submit transcripts for every school you have attended before your file can be considered for admission to Multnomah. At the discretion of your Admissions Counselor, you may also be required to submit supplemental application materials, such as essays or references. Your transcript should include at least the junior year (or GED Score Report) from your high school. It should be a sealed document sent directly from your high school to Multnomah University. If you have not yet graduated, please submit a final transcript upon graduation as well. You can do so by making a request through your high school or any other educational institution you have attended (i.e., community college credits you may have earned). If you have questions about this, your school guidance counselor can usually help. 


3. Fill Out The FAFSA


In our blog on 8 ways to afford private college, we put filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the top of the list. Although most students qualify for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA, only 57% complete it. Submitting this free application may provide you with thousands of dollars in student aid to help pay for college. The FAFSA is first come, first served, meaning the earlier you apply, the more money you are likely to receive! This is yet another reason why starting the college admissions process early is often the best choice.

4. Schedule a Tour and Meet with Financial Aid


Campus visits are important because they are an opportunity for you to experience Multnomah’s cozy atmosphere and tight-knit Christian community first-hand. See where you will live, attend classes, and make friends. This is also a great time to meet with financial aid and your future professors to make the best plan for success in college. You can schedule a visit any time at, but we recommend coming to one of our college visit events! Events like Night at The Nomah and College Preview are an opportunity to stay in the dorms with future classmates, attend classes you will actually have, make friends before you ever officially start school, AND experience some of the fun events Multnomah puts on each year. Check out the video below to see our 2021 Night at The Nomah event!


5. Make Your Decision


Once you have submitted your application and been accepted to Multnomah, the final step is to make your decision. Visiting campus, working out details such as final cost after factoring in financial aid, and meeting with our Admissions Team will help you make the right decision. At Multnomah, we believe you are wonderfully made to do amazing things. It is our mission, through faith and community, to help you become a transforming force in the church, community, and world. Take the first step to join our community: apply today or message our Admissions Team to schedule a visit, ask questions, or submit an interest form!