COVID-19 Updates 3-18

Dear Multnomah University Students, Faculty, and Staff,

This morning, we received an executive order from Governor Brown with new measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These new measures require us to take additional steps to protect the Multnomah community and we want to give you as much time as possible to prepare.

Please read all the information in this post carefully and take action as soon as possible. After the list of decisions, we have an important announcement about a potential COVID-19 case in our community.

Beginning ASAP or no later than noon on Friday, March 20th and continuing through March 30th at the earliest:

  • The campus will be closed to everyone except essential personnel required to work on campus and campus residents who were not able to relocate.
  • If you are a campus resident who can relocate, we highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible.
  • Essential personnel required to work on campus will be informed by the President’s Council Member in their area, Eric Linman, or Josh Harper.
  • All other employees will begin to work remotely immediately and will not return to campus until March 30th at the earliest.
  • No commuter students will be allowed on campus.
  • At noon on Friday, the library will close completely.
  • The Dining Hall will remain open for remaining residential students and employees required to work. New measures on food distribution may be implemented to safeguard the community.
  • The Dining Hall will be closed entirely March 23rd-29th for spring break.
  • All vehicular, campus entrances will be locked down. Please call Campus Safety if you have permission to enter or leave campus.
  • We have added personnel staffing for Campus Safety.
  • All campus residents are asked to remain in your place of residence unless you are seeking food or medical attention.
  • We ask all professors to extend the due dates for assignments, etc. until at least April 3rd
  • The food pantry in the Den will only be open from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Monday through Friday. To enter, please call (503) 974-4294. The food pantry will only be available to resident students.
  • For commuter students who are food insecure, please contact Student Life at (503) 251-5311 or for their list of food resources in the area.

We received word that a Multnomah University employee has been tested for COVID-19. We are advised to assume that they have the virus. We will know within 7-10 days if the test results are positive and we will inform you as soon as possible.

The individual was on campus last week before displaying symptoms. Unfortunately, a person can be contagious to others for days in advance of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. To our knowledge, the individual did not participate in any meetings nor ate in the dining hall. We are contacting the students from the class with more information.

If you start experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please call your healthcare provider immediately and self-quarantine. If you are a campus resident, please inform your RA or Campus Safety after seeking medical attention.

We take these measures to safeguard everyone in our community. Please be socially responsible and take every measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I know many of us may feel fear, anxiety, anger, a sense of loss, confusion, or a host of other emotions which are normal in these times. Please take the time to process them with God and trusted people in your life who can help. Help others in need as you are able and find ways to connect with others remotely or with social distancing. Even in crisis, we have a unique opportunity to love our neighbor, bear witness to Christ, and serve our students. Together, with God’s help, we can endure and grow during this season.

March 18, 2020 | News