Discovering the Human Dignity in a Throwaway Culture: Introducing “More Than Things” by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger


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We’re thrilled to announce the publication of a new book, authored by Multnomah University’s professor of theology & culture, Dr. Paul Louis Metzger. In More Than Things: A Personalist Ethics for a Throwaway Culture, Dr. Metzger delves deep into a pressing concern of our times—the pervasive culture of commodification—and offers a profound reflection on the intrinsic worth and dignity of every human being.

Dr. Metzger’s exploration of consumerism and commodification led him to see their problematic and increasing influence in our lives and society, to the detriment of the value we place on one another’s personhood. Drawing on the words of Pope Francis and the insights of Martin Luther King Jr., he realized the urgency of moving beyond a world where people are treated as mere objects to one where individual personhood in a community of persons is revered.

At the heart of “More Than Things” lies a transformative message: We live in a world that often reduces people to what they possess or do. The book advocates for a shift towards recognizing and celebrating the inherent worth of every person, rooted in our shared identity as creations of a personal, triune God. Through the chapters, Dr. Metzger navigates through a myriad of topics, including genetic engineering, gender relations, end-of-life care, race relations, creation care, and space exploration, all through the lens of personalism.

Grounded in Trinitarian and biblical principles, Dr. Metzger writes from his own faith journey,  which is anchored in the healing and transformative love Jesus Christ has for our world. He also writes from his own perspective as a father: Since January 2021, his family has been navigating his adult son’s catastrophic brain injury. The incident and aftermath have completely changed their lives and intensified his passion for the dignified treatment of all individuals, regardless of their capacities.

Students who enroll in Dr. Metzger’s courses can expect his lectures to align with the themes of his book. He cherishes his opportunities to dialogue with students at Multnomah on these topics and wholeheartedly believes their insights have enriched his writing over the years.

Please join us for a book reading, book signing, and Q&A on Friday, October 27, at 7 pm. The event will be held at Multnomah University (Travis-Lovett Building).

For those eager to explore the depths of human dignity, “More Than Things” is a must-read. Find out more about the book on the InterVarsity Press website, where you can access the book overview, table of contents, endorsements, sample chapter, and a free reader’s guide.