At Multnomah University, we seek to equip more than just educated graduates—we seek to equip a generation of bold Christ-followers; men and women who hear His calling and respond. In our Global Studies program, you will broaden your perspective and expand your impact. Learn from expert faculty who share real-world experience and integrate scripture with knowledge of global and cultural issues. You will be equipped with the biblical, cultural, and practical tools needed to leave a lasting impact for Christ’s kingdom in the present and eternity.


Programs at a Glance


Join our cozy community nestled in the heart of the adventure-filled Pacific Northwest!

Average class size: 12

Our average class size means your classmates won’t be strangers.

Biblical Integration

18 Bible & Theology Credits required for all students and biblical integration throughout every discipline.

Global Studies Program

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Kat Kerr
Global Studies ‘20
Donor Engagement, Pioneer Bible Translators

Growing up in a deaf family, Katarina Kerr always had a heart for American Sign Language (ASL). During Kat’s sophomore year at a state school, she witnessed her mother have a cross-cultural experience on a mission trip with other deaf people like her. Kat saw the difference made by making the gospel accessible in sign language and came home with a new mission. Kat followed her calling from God to pursue deaf ministry, which led her to Multnomah University.
When Kat joined Multnomah’s Global Studies program, she was blown away by the experience of taking Bible classes at a small college. She shared, “There were so many opportunities for me to talk to professors and other peers about what I was processing in my classes and what I was learning. It was just like a safe place to wrestle… I think it really challenged me to dig deep and figure out what I feel like God’s called me to do.”
Today, Kat still feels the support of Multnomah from Texas where she works in Donor Engagement on Pioneer Bible Translator’s Advancement Team.

Meet Your Professors

Faculty Headshot Greg Burch
Greg Burch, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair, Global Studies; Director, Master of Arts in Global Development and Justice
Faculty Headshot Karen Fancher
Karen Fancher, D.Int.St.
Assistant Professor, Global Studies and Master of Arts in Global Development and Justice
God is Present Before We Show Up

Tuition & Financial Aid

We believe a Christian education should be affordable. 100% of first-time freshmen receive institutional aid.

Tuition: $29,568
Room & Board: $9,920
Fees: $650
Financial Aid Available

Free Year of Tuition

First-time freshmen at Multnomah are eligible for an academic scholarship equivalent to one free year of tuition!


Why Study at Multnomah?

Founded in 1936 as Multnomah School of the Bible, we believe your education should be grounded in Scripture. We seek to draw closer to God’s Word in every aspect of your experience — in classes, athletics, and especially your time in community with friends and professors.

Among our faculty are world-renowned biblical scholars, business experts, master science communicators, and more. However, it’s their commitment and care for their students that make them stand above the rest. With opportunities for faculty mentorship, your professors will be there for you at every step of your educational experience.

Portland is a beautiful and vibrant city in the Pacific Northwest. With oceans to the west, mountains to the east, and world-class food just blocks away, you’ll have easy access to anything you want to explore. Service also lies at the heart of Multnomah, and living in Portland brings opportunities to engage with the community through university events like Day of Outreach.

With an undergraduate population just under 400 students, you get to truly know your classmates, and we like it that way. Our close-knit community creates opportunities for discipleship, lifelong friendship, and developing connections that will facilitate your career and personal development for the rest of your life.

Sometimes you need more than great professors, caffeine, and friends to get you through college. That’s where our campus resources come in to play. Multnomah is equipped with a student counseling and wellness center that provides Christ-centered, culturally responsive, psychologically sound therapy. Additionally, we provide a student success center, career services, and disability resources.