Facing the Coronavirus Crisis Together

A Pastoral Response from President Williford

Dear Multnomah University Student,

No one expected a global pandemic would require us to take these measures to protect your life and the lives of all of those in our community. For our residential and commuter students, I know you will miss your friends and the wonderful learning community we all value here on campus. I hear your angst, fear, anger, and sense of loss.

As I stated in our public meetings this week, I am feeling many of those emotions, too. It is okay to feel these emotions. Please talk to trusted friends and advisors about what you are feeling. Process these feelings in prayer with God. If we deny or refuse to process our emotions in a healthy way, they can begin to control us and intensify causing us to respond in unhealthy ways. Please refer to the list of resources that our Student Wellness Department has provided. Let’s also commit to pray for each other that we will “experience and embrace the peace from God that passes all understanding, Philippians 4:7.”

Some of you are afraid that teaching remotely over the last six weeks of this semester will mean that you will experience a lower educational quality. Please know that our faculty are committed to providing the best learning experience they can during this unprecedented time. We will work diligently to ensure that everyone finishes the semester in the best possible way within the limits of this global crisis.

Please give grace as we work hard to make this transition to teaching remotely. Fortunately, we have much of the infrastructure in place to help us move to this approach. However, it may take our professors a few class periods to fully make the transition. Please be supportive and respectful.

Now is a time to show the world how followers of Christ respond to the needs of our local, national and global community in times of crisis like these. Now is a time for love, sacrifice, and service to others. I hope you are observing these Christ-like values in me as I lead us through these challenges.

My hope and prayers are that God will protect you, all members of our MU community, and the larger community around us and that he will provide comfort for all the people who have lost loved ones to this deadly virus.


G. Craig Williford, Ph.D.

March 13, 2020 | News