Our faculty are the reason that Multnomah is what it is. They are at the top of their game and leverage their expertise to maximize the impact of their students. Our faculty and staff are passionate about seeing each and every student step into the plan God has for them and helping that come to fruition.

Our Faculty

Faculty Headshot Ruben Alvarado
Ruben Alvarado, Th.M.
Assistant Professor, Pastoral Ministry & Community Development
Emma Baumert, M.S.Ed.
Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
Greg Burch, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair, Global Studies; Director, Master of Arts in Global Development and Justice
Faculty Headshot Derek Chinn
Derek Chinn, D.Min.
Assistant Professor, Pastoral Ministry
Faculty Headshot Greg Dueker
Greg Dueker, D.Min.
Assistant Professor, Pastoral Ministries; Director, Doctor of Ministry
Faculty Headshot Karen Fancher
Karen Fancher, D.Int.St.
Assistant Professor, Global Studies and Master of Arts in Global Development and Justice
Faculty Headshot Matthew Farlow
Matthew S. Farlow, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Pastoral Ministry & Community Development
Faculty Headshot Sarah Gall
Sarah Gall, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair, Biology
Faculty Headshot Brad Harper
Brad Harper, Ph.D.
Professor, Bible and Theology Director, Master of Arts in Theological Studies; Assistant Dean, School of Biblical and Theological Studies
Faculty Headshot Rob Hildebrand
Rob Hildebrand, D.Min.
Associate Professor and Chair, Youth and Educational Ministries; Assistant Dean, School of Biblical and Theological Studies
Faculty Headshot Domani Pothen
Domani Hintze-Pothen, D.A.
Assistant Professor, English
Rebekah Josberger, Ph.D.
Program Chair, Master of Biblical Studies; Professor, Hebrew and Old Testament
kristyn kidney headshot
Kristyn Kidney, M.A.
Associate Professor and Chair, TESOL; Director, Master of Arts in TESOL
Faculty Headshot Karl Kutz
Karl Kutz, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Languages and Bible; Chair of Biblical Languages
Faculty Headshot Elliot Lawless
Elliott Lawless, Psy.D.
Associate Professor and Chair, Psychology
Faculty Headshot Mariah LeFeber
Mariah LeFeber, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Master of Arts in Counseling
Faculty Headshot Heather Lohmolder
Heather Lohmolder, M.B.A.
Director and Chair, Business Administration Program; Assistant Professor, Business Administration
Faculty Headshot Ray Lubeck
Ray Lubeck, D.Th.
Professor, Bible and Theology
Faculty Headshot Paul Metzger
Paul Louis Metzger, Ph.D.
Professor, Christian Theology and Theology of Culture; Director of New Wine, New Wineskins
Faculty Headshot Victor Reynolds
Victor Reynolds, Ph.D. (c)
Assistant Professor, Business Administration
Faculty Headshot Daniel Scalberg
Daniel Scalberg, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, History
Faculty Headshot Dough Schaak
Doug Schaak, D.A.
Associate Professor and Chair, English
Faculty Headshot Danielle Render Turmaud
Danielle Render Turmaud, Ph.D.
Faculty Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Applied Psychology; Assistant Professor, Master of Arts in Counseling
Staff Headshot Alin Vrancila
Alin L. Vrancila
Chief Academic Officer, Academic Dean for Online Learning
Faculty Headshot Kristen White
Kristen M. White, Psy.D.
Assistant Professor and Director, Master of Arts in Counseling

Adjunct Faculty

Our adjunct faculty play a significant role in education here at Multnomah University. They are comprised of experts in their fields from all over and have a strong desire to share their unique knowledge and expertise with our students. Our adjunct faculty are passionate about seeing each and every student step into the plan God has for them. View our adjunct faculty here.

Our Staff

Seal Bio
Amanda Anderson
Residence Life & Housing Manager
Staff Headshot Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson
Vice President of Enrollment and Athletics
Carlee Anglin
Director of Student Care & Career Services
Staff Headshot Ben Barber
Ben Barber
Head Coach, Men and Women's Cross Country; Head Coach, Men and Women's Track & Field
William Beck III
Executive Assistant to VP of Enrollment; Enrollment, Marketing and Athletics Event Coordinator
Staff Headshot Quinn Curry
Quinn Curry
Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
Sunshine Eddy
Director of Auxiliary Services
Kristin Farlow
Associate Dean of Campus Life and Community Standards; Senior Title IX Coordinator
Carlos Fernandez
Associate Dean of Spiritual Life & Cultural Integration
Sam Fredrickson
Graduate and Seminary Admissions Counselor
Seal Bio
Tayo Gem
Head Coach, Men's Basketball
Chelsea Hostetler
Director of Spiritual Life & Campus Pastor
Reilly Huey, M.A.
Assistant Dean of Student Success
Staff Headshot Chris Hynes
Chris Hynes
Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
Prisila Jaime
Assistant Athletic Director
Becca Jones, M.A. MFT LPC
Associate Dean of Counseling and Wellness
Seal Bio
Jose Lopez
Roger's Cafe Manager
Seal Bio
Caden Lowman
Resident Director and Housing Coordinator
Keegan Matsukado
Keegan Matsukado
Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse
Corey Mehl Headshot
Corey Mehl
Athletic Director
Linsey Montgomery
Senior Women's Administrator; Sports Information Director; Assistant Coach, Men and Women's Track & Field
Staff Headshot Nicholle Niblett
Nicholle Niblett
Admissions Operations Manager
Seal Bio
Caitlin O'Donnell
Head Athletic Trainer
sarah parker
Sarah Parker
Assistant Dean of Community Life
Dalon Parker Headshot
Dalon Parker
Head Coach, Men and Women's Soccer
Janis Rehmke
Mailroom and Campus Store Manager
Zach Richardson
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Carlie Shoup
Carlie Shoup
Director of Admissions
Joe Slavens, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Life
Jessica Taylor, Ph.D.
Vice President of Diversity and Inclusive Development
Alan Tovar
Student Success Coordinator
Jill Vacanti
Jill Vacanti
Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse
Derek White
Head Coach, Men and Women's Developmental Track & Field; Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Seal Bio
Tyler Whittaker
Interim Head Coach, Men's Golf

*This is not an exhaustive list of the staff at Multnomah University. Those included on this page are staff members from Admissions, Athletics Recruiting, Student Life, Diversity and Inclusive Development. Advancement, the Office of the Registrar, VP of Enrollment, and Marketing & Communications teams are listed below but do not include biography pages.

Staff Headshot Susan Bealor
Susan Bealor
Creative Director (503) 251-6454
Office of the Registrar Team Lynette
Linette Bethurum
Assistant Registrar/Online Success Coach (503) 251-6444
Staff Headshot Brenn Borror Marketing
Brenn Borror
Marketing Director (503) 251-6451
Staff Headshot Barb Fetters
Barbara Fetters
Assistant Registrar (503) 251-5374
Seal Bio
Nicholas Garcia
Videographer & Photographer (503) 251-6452
Staff Headshot Robby Larson
Robby Larson, Ed.D.
Vice President of Advancement (503) 251-6464
Ben Larson
Marketing and Communications Coordinator (503) 251-6453
Staff Headshot Anna Lortz
Anna Lortz
Financial Aid Counselor (503) 251-5334
joe pfeiffer headshot
Joe Pfeiffer
Director of Advancement Operations (503) 251-5354
Staff Headshot Deborah Rezene
Deborah Rezene
Director of Financial Aid (503) 251-5339
Leah Shepherd
Marketing Content Manager & PR Specialist
Gill Smith
Registrar Operations Manager (503) 251-5370
Staff Headshot Amy Stephens
Amy Stephens, M.A.
Registrar (503) 251-5371
TJ Sternad
Financial Aid Counselor (503) 251-5337
Helen Washington
Assistant Registrar II (503) 251-5376

Board of Trustees

Rev. Pastor Cliff Chappell
Vancouver, WA

Mr. Paul Colligan
CEO, Internet Company
Portland, OR

Mr. Clifford Cook
Financial Planner
Arroyo Grande, CA

Mr. Austin Hodges, Member at Large
Chief Marketing Officer
Tualatin, OR

Mr. Chuck Landers, Treasurer
Portland, OR

Ms. Adrienne Livingston
Nonprofit Manager
Clackamas, OR

Mr. Brent Mesquit, Secretary
Program Manager
Portland, OR

Dr. Jay Mosser, Chair
University Place, WA

Mr. Nathan Nymeyer, Vice Chair
Speaker Coordinator
Vancouver, WA

Dr. Ben Ochs
Executive Development Consultant
Tualatin, OR

Mr. Jonathan Ortiz-Myers
Turnaround CEO
Portland, OR

Mrs. Joyce Schroeder
Elementary Education Teacher, Missionary
Englewood, CO

Mr. Chandler Wilson
Finance Professional
Knoxville, TN

Pastor Victor Alvarizares
Senior Pastor
Tigard, OR