D.Min., Western Seminary

M.Div., Multnomah Biblical Seminary

MBA, University of Oregon

B.A., University of California, Irvine

B.S., University of California, Irvine

Hired in 2011

Dr. Chinn has over 25 years of pastoral ministry experience in ethnic/multiethnic congregations. He attends a multiracial church he helped start and pastored. He is passionate about how the Gospel is revealed through diversity whether it is through such things as race, class, socioeconomics, age, and education. He believes that one of the extraordinary things about diversity is that it has much to tell us about Jesus and we ignore the voices and realities of other believers to our detriment — how others have encountered Christ are stories we need to hear. Portland is a dynamic laboratory for the Christian life. Multnomah’s proximity to downtown and various neighborhoods enhances the classroom learning experience.

In his free time, Dr. Chinn enjoys reading, playing ultimate frisbee and soccer, following Oregon Duck football, and the outdoors with his family and friends.

Faculty Headshot Derek Chinn