Hired in 2014

On July 1, 2014, Rev. Dr. Craig Williford assumed his role as President of Multnomah University. With a passion for godly, cross-cultural, innovative leadership, Dr. Williford leads Multnomah University with grace and dignity, informed by his wealth of experience in higher education leadership and pastoral ministry. Rev. Dr. Craig Williford is Multnomah University’s fifth president.

Before coming to Multnomah University, Dr. Williford served as a pastor for 20 years, leading a team of staff, facilitating church strategy, preaching, and pastoring a congregation through many transitions. In 2000, Dr. Williford became the president of Denver Seminary and served them for eight years. During his time there, he also taught pastoral leadership courses on the master’s and doctoral levels. To this day, Dr. Williford continues to mentor five pastoral and nonprofit leaders who serve throughout the United States. After serving at Denver Seminary, he returned to serve at Trinity International University, where he earned his doctorate in 1995, as their president from 2009 and 2014. Dr. Williford has been married to his wife, Carolyn, for forty-two years. Together, they have two sons, Robb and Jay, and four grandchildren, Tucker, Abby, Tyler, and Nathan. Dr. Williford loves to help leaders embrace the spiritual dimensions of their calling as Christ leads them in their lives and their organizations, and he researches, writes, and speaks on this topic whenever he has the opportunity.


Staff Faculty Headshot President Craig Williford

Selected Publications

Dr. Williford and his wife, Carolyn, have co-authored several books together, including:

  • Faith Tango: A Liberating Approach to Spiritual Growth in Marriage (2002)
  • Questions from the God Who Needs No Answers; What Is He Really Asking You? (2003)
  • How to Treat a Staff Infection: Resolving Problems in Your Church or Ministry Team (2007)