Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary

M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary

B.S., Multnomah Bible College

Hired in 2012

Prior to Multnomah, Dr. Burch worked in Latin America (Venezuela and Costa Rica) for over a decade. In Venezuela, he worked with a non-profit called Niños de la Luz and had roles which included street educator, volunteer coordinator, and national director. He taught at ESEPA Seminary in San José, Costa Rica, and worked with a team of practitioners and professors in developing a Children At Risk training program. Dr. Burch loves teaching at Multnomah because he deeply values the opportunity to work with students who take God’s mandate to love our neighbor seriously. Whether it be assisting in refugee resettlement locally or supporting marginalized communities through long-term development projects, our students consistently inspire him. Mentoring and preparing students to work in mission, development, and social justice contexts is a joy for him. His interests lie in traveling, global ministry, and understanding new cultures.


Selected Publications

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