Ph.D., University of St. Andrews, Scotland

M.Phil., University of St. Andrews, Scotland

M.Div., Multnomah University

Professional Clear CLAD Teaching Credential, National University

B.A., UC Davis

Hired in 2022

Dr. Farlow has nearly 20 years of experience in higher education and pastoral ministry. Alongside Matt has been his beautiful bride Kristin and together they have experience the bliss of marriage for over 25 years.They have 3 grown children (A son and daughter by birth and a son-n-law) and have recently been accepted into the grand community of parenting. At MU you will find Matt not only in the classroom, but also in the New Wine, New Wineskins office as Dr Farlow serves as New Wine’s Community Engagement Catalyst as well as Book Review Editor for New Wine’s peer reviewed academic journal, Cultural Encounters.

Dr. Farlow’s life on the world’s stage began oh so many years ago in Detroit. He was born in Detroit, MI, and has lived in Colorado, California, Illinois, Scotland, and of course here in Portland. To some he is known as a husband, dad, son, brother, failure, fool, and friend. To others he is known as doctor, author, loser, stubborn, wrestler, theologian, obnoxious. And in the end, when the smoke fades, you will find that Matt is a Pastor, a Professor, and a modern day Poet.

Faculty Headshot Matthew Farlow