Th.M., Multnomah University

M.Div., Multnomah Biblical Seminary

B.A., Simpson University

Hired in 2022

Professor Alvarado has 17 years of experience in pastoral ministry in both rural and urban environments. From 2016-2021 he led his church’s efforts in community development and city outreach in Portland Oregon, helping launch ministries in the areas of houselessness, anti-trafficking, foster care, incarceration, immigration, refugee support and disability advocacy.

In addition to his role at Multnomah, Ruben serves as Co-Pastor at a church in Milwaukie, Oregon, serving on a team of three pastors pursuing a diverse shared leadership model.

Professor Alvarado is biracial, and grew up with parents who maintained distinct faith traditions (Catholicism and Pentecostalism). His biracial identity and diverse church background have greatly shaped his faith, ministry and teaching. Ruben writes and speaks on Disability Theology. His work in this field is rooted in his decade of experience in vocational training and disability advocacy. He loves mentoring fellow pastors in empowering their churches to become communities who value diversity and embrace belonging for all people.

Outside of work, Ruben loves spending time with his family playing board games, watching movies and musical theater, traveling, and trying new Portland restaurants. Ruben enjoys reading novels, gardening, and creating pen and ink drawings.

Faculty Headshot Ruben Alvarado