We Believe in making a Christian college education affordable. That’s why all first-year freshmen at Multnomah have access to a minimum academic scholarship equivalent to one free year of tuition.
Learn more about how the free year academic scholarship works below!

How does the free year academic scholarship work?

Academic scholarships are available to all undergraduate students and are based on your incoming GPA, as well as your ongoing academic performance during your time at Multnomah.

Our lowest tier academic scholarship (for admitted students with a GPA < 3.0), is $7,400 per year, renewable each year you’re a student. That means during a four-year undergraduate degree, you would earn a minimum of $29,600 in academic scholarships, equivalent to one year of tuition at the rate at which you first enroll.

The undergraduate tuition rate is $29,568 for the ‘23-24 academic year.


Note: this scholarship does not apply to transfer students and student athletes. Learn more here.

Does that mean you can earn more with better academic performance?

It certainly does! You earn a free year of tuition over four years with our minimum academic scholarship. If your GPA is at or above a 3.0, you will see a greater academic scholarship on your financial aid reward sheet. Our highest tier academic scholarship, available to students with a 4.0 GPA, is $13,000, or more than 40% of your annual tuition.

See a full breakdown of our academic scholarships here.


What other aid is available to you?

As you’ve come to expect in your college search process, financial aid at Multnomah varies based on several various factors. Our free year of tuition is just the start of the aid that may be available to you as an undergraduate student.

We recommend you apply to Multnomah and file your FAFSA to learn exactly what you qualify for at Multnomah, because it’s likely that you will have access to even greater aid! Make sure to add our code to your FAFSA form (003206).

You can also get a good idea of what you might qualify for by exploring our financial aid options here.


Student Athletes and Transfer Students

Transfer Students

The minimum academic scholarship for our transfer students is slightly less and does not equate to one full year of tuition over four years. However, many other financial aid opportunities are available to you!

Learn more about what scholarships you are eligible for as a transfer student.

Student Athletes

Student athletes, while not eligible for this scholarship, will receive at least equivalent aid through their athletic scholarship.

To learn more about our athletics scholarships, please contact our financial aid department.

Get rewarded for the work you’re doing now.

Multnomah University offers academic scholarships to students based on GPA.

Take your education abroad.

Apply your federal and institutional aid to any of the Multnomah University approved study abroad programs.

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All incoming undergrad students receive institutional aid

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MU funds over $3,000,000 in student aid every year.

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