Honoring Our Biblical Commitment in an Ever-Changing World

In 1971, I entered college as a young, impressionable freshman as the first person in my family to attend college.  It cost me approximately $6,000 annually for tuition, room and board. Have things changed or what? The average cost for tuition, room and board for a full-time student at a faith based university is $36,000 per year. Yes, that means up to a total of $144,000 for a four-year degree if you are a full-time residential student.

Here at MU, we work hard to keep costs manageable and to provide multiple ways for students to access an MU education. Most of today’s university students combine online classes with classes offered on campus. Or they take a hybrid class that includes both residential and online components to that class. Students need more options in how they earn their degrees. They also need more choices regarding majors.

That is why we keep adding new majors here at MU that help us fulfill our mission and enhance graduates’ opportunities to secure a career that will provide financial security. Recently we added biology, environmental science, exercise science, business, and business & organizational psychology. Even more of our programs will be offered fully online, such as our Master of Divinity degree or our Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. And right now, we are praying over and researching the possibility of adding new programs in computer science, health care management, and organizational leadership.

Since we strengthen all our majors in solid biblical and theological training, we truly believe our graduates will be prepared for the realities of the job market and have the courage to make an impact for the Gospel in whatever career path God directs them to.  So, you can see that while some things must change to face the realities of today’s world, our commitment to the Bible and to Christ remains the same.

Craig Williford

Multnomah University

September 20, 2017 | News