How to Get Connected on Campus

One of the best parts of college is the friendships you make, but where do you start? There are more ways than one to make friends on campus during your first year of college, and at Multnomah we put a strong emphasis on fostering a community based on all our students’ interests! Here are just a few of the ways you can get connected on campus.

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Get our of your dorm.

One of the easiest ways to make friends is to get out of your dorm to study and hang out. The JCA and Roger’s Cafe are great spots to work on some homework and play games while getting to know your Multnomah community better!

Join a club or start one.

Joining a club is a great way to meet people with similar interests! If you have a hobby or passion there’s currently not a club for, consider creating your own. Our Assistant Dean of Community Life, Sarah Parker can help you get started! (P.S. The latest club on campus, YouthMatterMU is a great place to get plugged in to a fun faith-based community.)

Attend campus events.

There’s at least one event on campus nearly every week at Multnomah. This may be the one time in your life you have access to this much free food and entertainment, so take advantage! Not only are the events around campus a lot of fun, but they’re also a great way to make friends.

Start a study group.

Study groups have a bit of a reputation for being low-study and high-procrastination, but hear us out. One proven way to make friends is by proximity, and you’ll see your classmates 2-3 times a week! Forming a study group allows you to suffer (err, we mean succeed) through a class together. Plus, study groups really can be productive, especially when preparing for big exams.

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Get involved with spiritual life.

There are many ways to use your spiritual gifts on campus while connecting with others. Check out the spiritual life page to learn more about Chapel, Agora, and New Wine New Wineskins. Another option is to get involved with or start your own Bible Study group on campus.

Form connections while serving others.

There are many ways to make friends while giving back. Student leadership has opportunities in Student Government Association (SGA), Residence Life, Spiritual Life, and serving commuters. The Multicultural Center is another great place to visit if you want to help foster inclusive environments that engage diverse cultures and backgrounds!

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Get an on-campus job.

Working on-campus is a great way to plug into the happenings of Multnomah while earning some cash! Open positions around campus are listed on MYMU regularly, but keep an ear out for newly-opening positions. Current student workers often know when new jobs are opening up even before they’re listed!

Follow Multnomah’s social media channels!

Interested in more than one of our suggestions above? Make sure you follow @multnomahuniversity and @mustudentbody for all the latest happenings around campus. The next step for you is to go out and get involved! Best of luck and keep in mind that the Multnomah Care team is always available if you need a little extra support! Contact: