In Light of Concordia's Closure… How is MU?

We appreciate the concern from various Multnomah University constituents in light of Concordia University-Portland’s closure announcement. We are disheartened to lose a fellow light in the city and a historic institution. Although we have been affected by the national decline in collegiate enrollment and growing competition for fewer students, we believe that we are in a strong financial position. Multnomah is debt-free, and we have had a financial viability rating above the national average by the Department of Education for the last three years. What else are we doing to respond to the financial and competitive challenges?

Diligent work with prayerful hearts

We pray together and seek God’s wisdom over all our decisions while working with all our hearts. We seek to implement the best practices for faith-based, higher education. We have expanded our founding mission to equip Christian students to serve Christ and love their neighbors in any career, whether that’s pastoral ministry or accounting. In recent years, majors like biology, psychology, exercise science, business, and environmental science have allowed us to prepare more Christian students than before. We are expanding our online programs and ensuring they stand out for their quality. We have added more sports programs to give more students opportunities for competition and higher education. We are working to improve our services in order to boost the retention of our current students. We have been blessed financially as an institution, especially through the As God Leads campaign, and seek to steward our resources wisely through conservative budgets that avoid debt.

Resilient trust in our Sovereign, Good Father

While all members of the Multnomah family apply themselves to their work, we are enabled to strive through God’s grace working in us. We believe that God is in control during favorable circumstances and challenging ones. For the last 84 years, God has been faithful to provide for and work through Multnomah University. At the end of the day, we know that our efforts are in vain if the Lord does not raise and sustain this house of equipping and nurturing students with the gospel. We are humbled to keep running our race as an institution for however many more years God is pleased to give us. With or without Concordia, and with or without Multnomah for that matter, we believe that God is good and faithful to his people. We will seek to model the faith that we teach our students in every circumstance we face together. We trust that God will continue to guide the Concordia students as they close this chapter of their journey and take their next steps of faith as they seek to finish their education.

As CU Portland students move forward with their decisions to choose a new university home, we will be praying that they find the best fit for their next steps, regardless of where they go. We would also like to offer our practical support to Concordia University-Portland students who are seeking to transfer schools to finish their degrees. We are offering 100% transfer of credits, scholarships, application fee waivers, and an expedited application process. If you personally know any Concordia University-Portland students that would appreciate more information, feel free to share with them or email us at or call/text (503) 251-6485.

February 11, 2020 | Press Releases