In Romania with MUServe: Day 6

 Day 6: Seeing God in new ways

We are having an amazing experience here in Romania. Each day we are discovering and learning more and more how faithful and constant the Lord is. It has been a great weekend here: On Saturday and Sunday, we took some time off from the WMF Community Center while it closed, so kids could spend time with their families.

The WMF staff took our team on an adventurous local hike to the top of a trail where we had a chance to walk in the hot sun, sing songs on the trail and see spectacular views of this amazing country. We crossed the Danube river on a small ferry and saw the country of Ukraine from the summit of the small mountain. We were definitely tired and ready to head back to our host homes after a long, hot day. It has been so great to spend time together and share our lives with one another while we serve here in Romania.

On Sunday, we went to a Romanian Orthodox church. Our ladies covered their heads with beautiful scarves, and we experienced deep reverence and a form of worship most of us have never experienced. We stood for an hour and listened to the Romanian chant-songs about the Glory of God the Father. The Orthodox priests went into the holy of holies to pray for their congregation, and we watched as men and women kissed icons and crossed their chests with their hands in the shape of the cross. This worship was so beautiful. We are seeing the Lord in so many new ways.

After church, we went to a local coffee shop near a park with beautiful gardens. We shared stories and sipped beverages. Matt Zuber got to celebrate his birthday Romanian style, complete with games, cake, and more blessings than he could have expected. The amount of hospitality and warmth found in the community in Galati is overwhelming and unbelievably humbling.

“The way I live my life has been challenged by receiving hospitality, warmth, acceptance, and by being celebrated by those who don’t necessarily have an easy time doing so,” Matt shared. There is so much to learn from the people of Romania. Words will never do them justice.

Until tomorrow,

Rich and Matt

This blog was written by Summit student Matt Zuber and Associate Dean of Spiritual Life and Calling Rich Ward.

May 8, 2018 | Outreach