In Romania with MUServe: Days 7 and 8

The mountains in Sinaia, Romania.

Days 7 and 8: Experiencing Tudor, Romania

From the beginning, the MUServe vision was to bridge the gap between the academic work of spiritual formation and the practical, hands-on work of loving God and people. We have been so impacted by the ministry of Word Made Flesh (WMF) here in Romania, and there have been so many lessons taught to us firsthand by the people of this beautiful country.

The last couple days, we traveled 45 minutes outside the city by bus to Tudor, Romania. WMF established a smaller version of the city community center here in the country about 4 years ago. The vision is the same: Help keep kids from dropping out of school and provide them with ways to rise above poverty here in Romania. They feed the kids lunch and help them with homework. They teach them proper hygiene and provide a place where the kids can feel a sense of belonging. An undercurrent of the incarnational gospel of Christ runs through meaningful relationships. The plan to “love” first and “gospel” second has been so enlightening to us.

In Tudor, we painted the outside of a small house, the surrounding fence, and pulled weeds as well. Our team has really connected with each other. We have so enjoyed this partnership of Multnomah and George Fox students. We talk and laugh together as we work shoulder to shoulder. Each of us has also had a chance to share our unabridged life story. As we let our guard down and let others see where we have been, it’s amazing how well we are able to understand and get to know each other better.

We had an opportunity to visit the high school in Tudor. We asked each other questions about what life was like and what we have in common: Snapchat! We also ventured to a monastery by horse and wagon, laughing and seeing the countryside in a very turn-of-the-century way. This was so much fun!

The monastery was so good, especially seeing the nuns and their way of life. Each of the sisters cares for her own grave site, as they all embrace life, as well as death, as a way of worship!

We are currently on a train to the mountains in Sinaia, Romania. We will have an opportunity to process our trip together and see some old historical sites as we prepare for our journey back to the U.S. in a few days.

Until next time,

Rich and Matt

This blog was written by Summit student Matt Zuber and Associate Dean of Spiritual Life and Calling Rich Ward.

May 15, 2018 | Outreach