Psy. D., Arizona University

M.A., Ohio University

B.A., California State University- Long Beach

Hired in 2021

Keith Crenshaw became a teacher because he loves psychology, and the impact it can have on students’ lives. Keith’s dissertation focuses on the important factors of mental toughness in competitive athletes. Keith continues to be a sports performance psychology consultant for youth and collegiate athletes. Keith has experience teaching Psychology courses at a Christian University. Keith also plans to pursue research in Psychology of educational development, to assist in finding key areas to motivate students to excel in education.  He believes that first-generation students are under-served in our community and wants to continue to assist in helping students excel in higher education. Keith is highly energetic about providing information to future students and potential counselors to provide a service of mentoring and impacting their lives. Through teaching and training students with a Christian background, he hopes to help them think critically and realize how Psychology can create pathways for success not only for themselves but their community as well.

Keith is born and raised in Southern California his hobbies are, going on hikes, teaching his daughter how to play tennis, working out, and playing basketball. He also owns a company called, Academy Assist, where he trains college-bound students to prepare them for the next level not only physically but mentally (sports psychology training) and academically (tutor service).

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