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An affordable Christian university that prepares the next generation in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

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As a small Christian University, Multnomah encourages students to stretch themselves spiritually in a close-knit community of believers. Explore what makes the culture at Multnomah unique:

  • Small class sizes with professors who are teachers and spiritual mentors
  • Over 20 degrees that explore how art and science tie into God's word
  • An exciting city full of adventure and opportunity to put faith into action
  • A distinct focus on developing the traits you need to serve Jesus in any way

Some of our top undergraduate programs:

Bible & Theology

Business Administration



Aria MU Student

was made at Multnomah

“Being in Portland, Multnomah is well positioned for outreach and showing Portlanders what it is like to be a follower of Christ. I’m really glad I’m going to a school that is Christ-centered and has the goal that I grow as a Christian."