For those wanting exposure or professional training in graduate level education, Multnomah Biblical Seminary in collaboration with the Global Studies Department offers the following 13 credit certificate program. The Peacebuilding certificate at Multnomah University examines approaches to peacebuilding in contexts of physical, cultural, and systemic violence seeking to develop frameworks for reducing violence and promoting Shalom in communities.

The name of this certificate is Peacebuilding, which reflects an emphasis on human flourishing and dignity while emphasizing a theological engagement with the topic.  Specifically, this certificate reflects a focus on the theological notion of Shalom and our institution’s mission to shape students to be a transforming force in the church, community, and world.

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Not only is peacebuilding deeply needed in our world today, but churches, ministries, non-profits and international NGOs are recognizing this important skill set to be the peacemakers that Christ calls for his people to be.

In this program, you will be equipped to handle the challenges of ministry and work, and will be able to:

  • Integrate the biblical concept of Shalom as a foundation for Christian engagement in the church, community, and world.
  • Identify values, strategies and processes of organizations and churches from which to effectively engage in violence prevention and conflict transformation.
  • Assess root causes of conflict and violence.
  • Develop skills and capacity to engage in constructive dialogue and facilitate processes which foster understanding in diverse religious and cultural contexts.
  • Demonstrate awareness of theory and best practices for providing trauma-informed care, and for the integration of trauma-healing in the process of breaking cycles of violence and the promotion of peace.

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