Experience a Community-oriented, Discussion-based Education

You will be supported by faculty and have many opportunities to interact with your peers. You are invited to experience a discussion-centered education model that fosters connections with your peers while learning from dedicated faculty with experience in the field. You will have the convenience to work from anywhere, and you won’t miss out on the benefits of dialogue with your class. Stay engaged in ministry where you are and increase your effectiveness through the online M.A. in Ministry Leadership program.

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Example Courses

The courses listed below are some of our featured core classes that will be a part of your educational journey here at MU. Take a look at each course for a small preview.

The disciplines of theological studies and leadership come together in this course to examine how our understanding of the nature of God, humankind, the work of Christ, and the Christian life can inform leaders regarding effective service with others.

Develop a conceptual understanding of the psychological and behavioral forces of interpersonal and group conflict. Learn the techniques and skills necessary to prevent, manage, and resolve workplace conflict.

Examine the Spiritual Disciplines and factors that contribute to a balanced spiritual life and overall wellness in order to sustain qualify of life and ministry effectiveness.

Degree Requirements

Here you will find everything you need to know about what is required to successfully complete your degree.

Course Layout

Career Placement

With your Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership, you will be equipped for careers in churches, nonprofits, and all types of businesses, and prepared for roles, such as:

• Pastor • Church Leader • Camp Counselor/Program Director
• Entrepreneur • Teacher • Instructor
• Evangelist • Nonprofit Worker