Take your leadership skills to the next level. The online Master of Arts in Christian Leadership program will prepare you to effectively lead a local church or parachurch organization with wisdom and compassion. You will learn practical and contextually relevant skills, like financial management, that are applicable to your current and future ministries. Faculty will mentor and equip you to communicate, manage organizational change and conflict, and recruit and lead a talented leadership team. Graduates will embark on the next step in their career with new skills and experience as well as intentional plans for their own spiritual formation and soul care.

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Counseling | Intercultural Studies | Spiritual Formation | Bible and Theology

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Grow in Wisdom and Experience

The responsibility of leading others requires a deep understanding of Scripture, a dynamic and personal relationship with Christ, and a variety of leadership skills. In this program, you will choose your area of study: Bible and theology, pastoral leadership, spiritual formation, or intercultural studies. You will be better equipped to introduce others to Christ, to serve your community, and to lead people toward spiritual maturity. Graduates will be ready to lead with efficacy and wisdom in their current and future ministry locations.

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Example Courses

The courses listed below are some of our featured core classes that will be a part of your educational journey here at MU. Take a look at each course for a small preview.

An analysis of biblically informed, Christ-centered Trinitarian engagement with culture. The course highlights the Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins’ paradigm and gives special attention to the postmodern cultural context.

Examines the qualities and characteristics of a biblical leader, growth and development of church leadership at all levels, and understanding God’s process of maturing leaders. Culminates with strategies for developing leadership within the church and for the church.

This course introduces students to ministry as a community practice. Moving beyond the rampant individualism in our society, the aim will be to explicate and illustrate how faithful ministry is grounded and nurtured in the life of the Triune God and centered in the church. Consideration will also be given to such themes as worship, order, service, sacraments, and mission.

An introduction to the study of Theology. The character of the Bible and its own vindication of inerrancy and inspiration, especially in view of contemporary religious doubt. Theism, including the attributes, names, designations, and works of the Trinitarian God. The person and work of the savior, including his deity, humanity, and the nature of his sacrifice as substitutionary atonement. The Person and work of the Holy Spirit, including his role in salvation and the life of the believer.

Degree Requirements

Here you will find everything you need to know about what is required to successfully complete your degree.

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Program Concentrations


Many Christian leadership roles incorporate an element of counseling and walking with people through difficult or complicated emotional, relational, and spiritual issues. This concentration focuses on preparing you to incorporate counseling into your ministry.

Intercultural Studies

This concentration provides a global perspective on leadership and cultural engagement. Whether you are seeking to work in a local church, as a missionary abroad, or as a school teacher, you will encounter different cultures. Through this concentration, you will gain the tools you need to be fully prepared to serve others well.

Spiritual Formation

This concentration focuses on your spiritual formation and it prepares you to walk with other people as they seek to be spiritually formed. Learn the philosophies and practical techniques required for this meaningful work.

Bible and Theology

This concentration takes a closer look at biblical and theological principles. Dive deeper into the Bible and learn how to apply those principles to your ministry.

Career Placement

With your Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, you will be equipped for careers in churches, nonprofits, and all types of businesses, and prepared for roles, such as:

• Pastor • Church Leader • Camp Counselor/Program Director
• Entrepreneur • Teacher • Instructor
• Evangelist • Nonprofit Worker • Counselor